Tom Hiddleston breaks down Loki’s journey across his six-episode solo series

Image via Disney/Marvel Studios

The Loki character changed from the person we knew to a more well-rounded being across his series in 2021 and now actor Tom Hiddleston says the character is much more self-aware and self-accepting, too.

“Loki in the series is aware that his death was meaningless and that he was indirectly connected to his mother’s death and his father’s death. And this idea of glorious purpose, which has been a recurring theme for Loki has been revealed to mean nothing. Loki has been playing the same old tune for so long, and the Loki who finishes the series is someone who is radically changed. It felt very original.”

Hiddleston comments on his most well-known character in an interview with The Playlist today. While speaking to the publication he said a lot of questions will be answered in the next season of the Disney Plus show, said he was surprised and delighted when the project was first revealed to him and his character only becomes who he is now after the episodes due to the influence of other characters.

“[He]’s been challenged by Mobius, by Sylvie, by the TVA to change. To develop something else. Challenged also by the other variants. The Richard E. Grant variant and the alligator variant. Loki can see that Sylvie is blinded by grievance and anger and a kind of drive that is damaging to herself. It resonates with him because all through the MCU, Loki’s been driven by grievance and anger and glorious purpose, I suppose. He’s trying to help Sylvie understand that it may not deliver her what she wants because he’s been there. That’s why he says, ‘I’ve been where you are. I felt what you feel.’ He’s trying to break the record. He’s trying to play another tune. Very fresh and I loved the journey.”

The second season of Loki does not have a release date at this time.