Tom Hiddleston reflects on his most emotional scene in ‘Loki’

Tom Hiddleston in character as Loki
Image via Marvel Studios

Actor Tom Hiddleston, who plays the mischievous Loki in the Marvel universe, contemplated the emotional flashback scene in the television series of the same name. 

Hiddleston states: “It was moving to do it, it was it felt very, very cathartic. Loki changed the course of my life. That moment is a fork in the road. I can’t go back there. And I don’t particularly want to.”

Playing the character of Loki firmly established the British actor as a world-recognized face and name. His pre-Marvel career included roles in Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris and Steven Spielberg’s War Horse. Hiddleston credits actor/director Kenneth Branagh for giving him his big Marvel break; he had worked with Branagh previously and was invited to audition for the first Thor movie. Hiddleston stated thankfully:

“Ken has had a life-changing effect. He was able to say to the executives, ‘Trust me on this, you can cast Tom and he will deliver’. It was massive and it’s completely changed the course of what is available to me to do. Ken gave me my break.”

Hiddleston initially auditioned for the role of Thor, agreeing that he is not who you would initially think of for Loki. He stated:

“I initially auditioned to play Thor. That was what I was being considered for, because I’m tall and blonde and classically trained, and that seemed to be the mold for what Thor was, he was to be a classical character. And it was in my auditions. I owe this entirely to Marvel and their open-mindedness, they saw something that they thought was interesting. They saw some temperament that they liked.”

Loki Trailer

Audiences and critics agree that things worked out just as they were meant to be. Hiddleston’s Loki is a pivotal piece in the Marvel universe. One we hope Dr. Strange never tries to manipulate in the multiverse.