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Tom Holland and Zendaya’s birthday posts have become annual tradition at this point — and we’re obsessed

Zendaya and Tom are the captains of their own ship and we couldn't love it more.

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Hear ye, hear ye — it’s June 1, which means pop culture enthusiasts are celebrating two occasions that might as well be recognized holidays at this point. Not only is it Tom Holland‘s birthday, but it’s also the day that we celebrate Zendaya‘s birthday wish to him that will undoubtedly break the internet and leave fans with tears in our eyes.

Last year’s birthday post was exceptionally sentimental, with Zendaya sharing a short quote and a selfie the two had taken with Zendaya looking happy and comfortable, smiling while glancing to the side as Tom stared directly into the camera. They have the it factor, it’s hard to explain, but you instantly recognize it when couples have it. It’s not in-your-face romance or sultry drama; it’s a level of comfort and love that warms the deeply romantic in all of us.

Fans have been counting down the moments until Zendaya posts 2023’s shout to the “one who makes her the happiest,” and it’s already become the talk of the social media realm this morning. As a connoisseur of all things romantic and butterflies-in-your-stomach-esque, I can confirm that even your hardened-to-love friends are looking forward to seeing Zendaya’s social platform refresh today.

It’s not only Zendaya who sends us into an emotional moment on Tom’s birthday; his posts to her are equally as awe-inspiring and leave us feeling all giddy inside, too.

Seriously, how cute are these two — and the progression? Be still our beating hearts.

Fans have been preparing for the big moment in the lead-up to Holland’s birthday, and we’re all just wondering what sneak peek into their beautiful lives together we’ll get for this year’s celebration.

This fan is already gearing up for the tears that will inevitably flow, and we get it.

These fans really look forward to Holland’s birthday because of what Zendaya will inevitably post, and we get it.

I know I mentioned that fans were eager to see Zendaya’s post, but some are waiting not-so-patiently for the big declaration.

It will be an emotional afternoon for fans of one of pop culture’s greatest OTPs, and this clip sums it up rather perfectly.

Here’s to Holland’s birthday, Zendaya’s post, and their perfectly-paired romance — may it continue to inspire the sweetest social media wishes for years to come.

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