Tom King Talks Batman #16 In New Video


When you’re tasked with taking over a marquee book like Batman – which now ships twice-monthly, no less – you had better have a plan for the long run. With the release of the current iteration’s sixteenth issue, the opening chapter of the “I am Bane” story arc, writer Tom King’s grand scheme is finally starting to become apparent.

In the latest episode of DC All Access, host Tiffany Smith engaged in a video chat with King himself, discussing the much hyped storyline featuring one of the Dark Knight’s most dangerous villains. In it, he reveals what attracts him to the character of Bane, basically saying they’re bizarre parallels of each other.

Something I’m glad they touched on was that of the scene taking place in the Batman-themed fast food joint that saw Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Damian Wayne and Duke Thomas sit down to enjoy some burgers. Containing much levity (Bruce eats his burgers with a knife and fork!) and dynamite character interaction, it had to be one of the most memorable moments from King’s run to date. We can only hope there’s more like this to come.

Before they wrapped up, King teased that the main event encounter between Batman and Bane will be gigantic. Knowing the violent history between those two, one has to wonder if the outcome will have an impact on the line of Bat books as a whole going forward.

Batman #16 is now available in comic shops. For more, be sure to check out our review.