Tomorrowland Festivals In India And Mexico Might Be On The Horizon


It’s about that time of year again when the Tomorrowland updates just won’t stop. Following the announcement of several new stages leading up to a monumental main stage lineup, the Boom, Belgium festival’s organizers show no indication of hitting a shortage of new information to stoke the public’s interest. However, the most recent of these updates affects completely different demographics than the others – as it appears as though a Tomorrowland India and Tomorrowland Mexico might be in the works.

“Friends in India, something miraculous is about to happen,” read a post to the festival’s Facebook page before it was edited to include Mexico as well. “Look into the mirror and prepare to unite. more info soon!” Uploaded into the post was the following bare-bones video, which provided no actual information about either expansion, but captured the attention of the dance music community regardless.

We’ve mentioned before that India’s staggering population makes it a prime market for festival organizers, and Tomorrowland parent company ID&T’s majority buyout by EDM conglomerate SFX has given it the resources to capitalize. Its US and Brazil expansions have proven worthwhile endeavors, so forays into the India and Mexico markets come as little surprise.

Given the resources, would you travel to India for its new version of Tomorrowland? We’d like to know why or why not, so tell us in the comments section below.