A-Trak And Phantoms Remix Bingo Players’ “Cry (Just A Little)”


A-Trak‘s been on something of a future house kick lately, and Los Angeles duo Phantoms appear to be onboard. The three of them have released a new remix this week of Bingo Players’ 2011 song “Cry (Just A Little)” that is definitely worth a listen.

The iconic, pitched-up sample from Brenda Russell’s 1988 single “Piano In The Dark” that made the original version of “Cry (Just A Little)” such a hit remains largely intact in A-Trak and Phantoms’ flip. A rubbery, frequency-modulated bass line adds a danceable warmth to the low end, though, serving to keep the track alive in light of Bingo Players’ 10th anniversary.

That being said, A-Trak‘s recent future house songs aren’t quite on par with the genre-defying innovations for which he has become such a respected fixture of electronic music. Until he releases another “Parallel Lines,” however, it’s not like his and Phantoms’ remix of “Cry (Just A Little)” is all that hard to listen to.