Tritonal And Cuebrick’s “Iceland (Viking Clap)” Is A Disgrace To The Nordic


Co-opting Scandinavian heritage is usually something that only metal bands do. Apparently we should keep it that way.

It’s not like Tritonal put out particularly challenging music to begin with, but their Cuebrick collaboration, “Iceland (Viking Clap),” embodies the most thoroughly played-out sound in electronic music. Somehow, they’ve managed to play it off as an homage to the Nordic, apparently resulting in placement at numerous sporting events.

For what its worth, the first 90 seconds of the song do consist almost entirely of a traditional Viking battlecry. However, that section simply draws to a close with no inventive transition into the next part – a main stage-friendly synth lead wholly interchangeable with those of Revealed Recordings releases.

Hopefully, Tritonal and Cuebrick’s “Iceland (Viking Clap)” isn’t an indicator of what fans can expect from their upcoming album, Painting With Dreams. The effort ought to arrive sometime in the next month or so, though, so what form it takes remains to be seen.