Tritonal Drops A Unique Remix For Ellie Goulding’s “Army”


Tritonal has returned with some brand new material this week, delivering a remix for Ellie Goulding’s recent single “Army,” off her third album Delirium. The production duo score big with a unique re-imagining of Goulding’s song, further cementing their status as some of dance music’s more forward thinking artists.

Dave and Chad flip the original version of “Army” on its head, replacing the sparse instrumentation and hip hop beats with flutters of future bass synth chords. The drops are where things really get interesting though, as the duo injects a unique style into the song, with clanking offbeat rhythms and screwed up vocal chops. The production gets a bit hard to categorize as Tritonal put their penchant for original sounds to the test, but it all works rather well.

Ellie Goulding’s distinctive vocals have been proven as a safe choice for dance music producers, but Tritonal takes it to the next level with their “Army” remix. The original production elements create a memorable listening experience, and fans will no doubt be pleased to savor over new material from the duo.