Kaskade Uploads Video Of Exhilarating Ultra Music Festival Performance


As far as the main stage is concerned, artists don’t get a whole lot more respectable than Kaskade. While I haven’t unilaterally praised everything he’s done in recent years, he certainly puts on a memorable show – and his performance at this year’s edition of Ultra Music Festival stands as proof of that.

This week, Kaskade uploaded the video of his set, which appears to have originated from the UMF TV live stream, on his own YouTube channel. He kicks things off with an edit of his 2009 deadmau5 collaboration, “Move For Me,” that succeeds in whipping the audience in front of the festival’s iconic main stage up in frenzied motion before he moves on to more eclectic song selections.

In terms of releases, however, Kaskade has been coasting so far in 2016. Since he usually puts out an album every other year, though, it wouldn’t be outside the norm for him to go somewhat light on new singles this festival season.

Be that as it may, Kaskade‘s performance at Ultra Music Festival 2016 certainly has its moments. Check it out in the YouTube player above and drop a comment below to let us know what you think.