Watch: ‘Assembled: The Making of Moon Knight’ trailer released

The latest episode of Marvel Studios: Assembled takes a deep dive into the development process behind Moon Knight, the MCU’s biggest gamble to date in terms of storytelling beats and characterization tropes.

The cast and crew of Moon Knight are taking MCU fans on a behind-the-scenes journey that entails some of the most significant creative decisions that culminated in the iconic Disney Plus series.

“With our Disney Plus series, there were characters who we wanted to introduce for the first time. Moon Knight was at the top of that list. And we wanted a spectacular actor,” says Kevin Feige, Marvel Studios boss and the mastermind behind the entire cinematic universe.

“The Making of Moon Knight” will detail everything from how director Mohamed Diab cast the actors to how cinematographers and the VFX team added the special effects. Oscar Isaac and his co-stars also make an appearance to discuss their experience working on the limited series.

“The form of movies is changing,” says Ethan Hawke. “It’s a movie on a larger canvas with that level of cinema and quality.”

Marvel has also released a poster to promote the latest chapter in this anthology/documentary series, depicting Marc Spector, his numerous alter egos, and Arthur Harrow standing on top of a metaphorical camera lens.

If you’re interested to learn how Marvel managed to develop an ambitious series that, in Hawke’s words, imitates the same level of cinematic quality as seen in blockbuster movies, then you can catch Marvel Studios: Assembled — “The Making of Moon Knight” on Disney Plus right now.

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