Watch: Disney Plus announces release of another ‘Zombies’ movie (that’s the thing about zombies)


Zombies, cheerleaders, and extraterrestrials — oh my! Disney Plus just shared the news that a third Zombies film is on the horizon, and it’s bringing a new lifeform to Seabrook High.

Seabrook has become a safe haven for monsters after the events of the first Zombies film, but the thing about even a Disney Zombies movie is that things don’t stay smooth for long. The trailer sees a happy group enjoying cohabitation and soaking in the comfortable, almost picturesque way of life they’ve fought so hard for — until something unknown enters the sky.

As to be expected, chaos ensues. Seabrook just figured out how to work together with the living and the undead; what happens now with extraterrestrial lifeforms coming into play?

The synopsis for Zombies 3 is as follows:

Zombies 3 stars Milo Manheim as zombie Zed and Meg Donnelly as cheerleader Addison, who are beginning their senior year at Seabrook High in the town that’s become a safe haven for monsters and humans alike. Zed is anticipating an athletic scholarship that will make him the first zombie to attend college, while Addison is gearing up for Seabrook’s first international cheer-off. Then suddenly, extraterrestrial beings arrive in Seabrook, provoking something other than friendly competition.”

It’s up to our favorite zombies and cheerleaders to work together to find out just why the ship has zeroed in on Seabrook and what these new lifeforms want, and they’d better do it fast! We’ve all seen Alien, which didn’t end well for anyone.

Zombies 3 hits Disney Plus on July 15.