Watch: Disney unveils ‘Hollywood Stargirl’ trailer

Hollywood Stargirl will soon be taking the stage on Disney Plus, and the first trailer for the film touts a rags-to-riches tale of one girl’s pursuit of fame and glory.

The movie about dreaming big stars Grace VanderWaal and serves as a sequel to the 2020 original film on the streaming service, Stargirl. An official poster for Hollywood Stargirl was also released on the Disney Twitter account.

The titular free spirit, Stargirl Caraway, is a silver-voiced and kind-hearted teen who embarks on a journey from her hometown of Mica, Arizona, to LA, after her mom, Judy Greer’s Ana, gets a job as a costume designer for a movie.

Soon, Stargirl befriends an eclectic group of characters, such as a duo of aspiring filmmaking brothers, Evan and Terrell, played by Elijah Richardson and Tyrel Jackson Williams, respectively; the protagonist’s neighbor, Judd Hirsch’s Mr. Mitchell; and a musician Stargirl admires, Uma Thurman’s Roxanne Martel.

Vanderwaal, a 2016 America’s Got Talent winner, even penned an original song, “Figure It Out,” for the film. Returning director Julia Hart is helming the film, with an original script by Hart and Jordan Horowitz. The sequel is based on characters from Jerry Spinelli’s bestselling book, Stargirl. Spinelli is also an executive producer for the film.

Hollywood Stargirl comes to Disney Plus June 3.