Watch: Even magic can’t help the Sanderson sisters in first ‘Hocus Pocus 2’ clip

Hocus Pocus 2
Image via Disney

It’s getting witchy in here! In a delightfully dreadful new clip, Disney’s highly anticipated Hocus Pocus 2 is brewing up some trouble as the Sanderson sisters face their biggest nemesis yet — modern technology. 

The scene, shared by Disney Plus on social media, sees the troubled witches as they fumble through the 21st century. They must return to their ancestral cabin and reunite with their precious Book, but things aren’t as easy as the last time a virgin lit the candle. 

Curse technological advances and curious virgins!

When the sisters wander into a department store, they’re on the hunt for brooms so that they may take to the sky and fly away. Winnifred finds a trusty old broom, but Sarah and Mary are out of luck. Sarah manages to find a Swiffer — which gets the job done alright, but Mary leaves the corner store with some weird floating devices underneath her feet.

Where are the good old days when you need them the most?

The technology in the “broomies” has a mind of its own, and while it’s undoubtedly fun to surf across the sky, she’s not quite up to her usual Mary charms while trying to navigate the new-fangled contraptions!

The story is still the same in Hocus Pocus 2; the Sanderson sisters must get to their Book and find a way to stay alive — and young, forever. What they weren’t expecting, what they couldn’t have anticipated, is that the year the Sandersons would awaken again was unlike a future they could have predicted in their wildest and witchiest dreams. 

What spells will they be able to conjure to take on a modern world? You’ll be able to find out when Hocus Pocus 2 broomies onto Disney Plus this September 30.