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Watch: ‘Final Fantasy VII Remake’ part 2 announced as ‘Rebirth’

A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.

It seems that the wait for the second part of Final Fantasy VII Remake will not be as grueling as the first. During today’s 25th anniversary livestream for the original game, Square Enix announced that the second part, officially titled Rebirth, is coming out in 2023 on PlayStation 5.

As you can see above, the game is utilizing the full power of Sony’s next-gen console to bring the world of Final Fantasy VII to life with such graphical fidelity the likes of which this franchise has never seen before. Rebirth will be a truly next-gen experience, which is why the devs have forsaken PlayStation 4, the console that hosted the first part back in April 2020.

It seems that Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will once again be a PlayStation exclusive. As of yet, the company hasn’t announced any plans to eventually release the second part for Windows as well, as they did with Final Fantasy VII Remake.

The title might be a little confusing for fans, however, as they could’ve simply gone with Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2. By naming it Rebirth, the producers are perhaps signaling a more announced deviation from the original game both in terms of gameplay and narrative.

What’s more, Square Enix has announced that the Final Fantasy VII remake project will be broken down into three parts. With Rebirth making its way to PlayStation 5 in 2023, the team is already busy developing the next chapter, though we would be getting ahead of ourselves were we to speculate about part 3 at the moment.

The company also announced a fourth project, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion, serving as a remake of the 2007 prequel game to Final Fantasy VII.

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