Watch: Netflix Geeked Week presents ‘The Gray Man’ Gosling vs Evans clip


Netflix Geeked Week is bringing fans up close and personal to the biggest films and TV shows premiering soon on the streaming platform.

The Gray Man is one of the most anticipated projects heading to Netflix this year, and Geeked Week premiered an exclusive fight scene between the stars of the film, two of the biggest names in Hollywood.

Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling are mortal enemies in The Gray Man, and since Evans was so willing to play such a villainous role in the movie — it’s going to be a can’t-miss. In addition to their brute strength and physicality, they’ve got snark and sarcasm in spades, and they’re not afraid to use it.

After hearing Joe and Anthony Russo talk about The Gray Man, it’s more evident than ever before that no one could have stepped into these roles but Evans and Gosling.

On Gosling, the Russos explained that he’s got what it takes to create the character of Court Gentry.

“Ryan has that usability to create a very complex and compelling inner life that just kind of blossoms as the movie goes on.”

Of course, they’ve known Evans for over a decade, and they knew he’d be the perfect man to breathe life into Lloyd Hansen.

“Chris is at a point in his career where he wants to take risks,” they shared, and after the trailers and sneak peek into The Gray Man, it’s clear that there’s no risk too significant for Evans as he journeys on through the entertainment realm.

Court Gentry and Lloyd Hansen are very different but similar on several levels, even if they wouldn’t want to hear or admit that as characters. As they set out to kill one another, it’ll be interesting to see what they learn about each other — and themselves — on the journey.

You can see The Gray Man on Netflix on July 22.