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Watch: Shakira’s hips remain truthful during TikTok challenge

Shakira once again proves that her hips don't lie.

Shakira joined Jimmy Fallon for a bit of a dance-off during the May 16 taping of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and she proved once more that her hips don’t lie.

The segment was Fallon’s infamous ‘Watch It Once TikTok Challenge,’ in which the host and his contestant watch a TikTok video with a dance number just one time, then try to recreate it. This, of course, is not as easy as it sounds, and frequently results in hilarious recreations where laughter soon takes hold.

“Here’s how this works; Shakira and I are going to watch a TikTok dance once, we’re only going to see it once, and we’re going to do our best to recreate it. Whoever’s moves are closest to the original wins the game,” Fallon explained. Shakira immediately felt confident that she was going to win the challenge, but Fallon reminded her that this is his show — after all.

This time around, the pair actually watched the video twice, because it was definitely a hard one to understand the first time around. Twice was the max, however, and they both attempted the dance immediately after. Fallon went first, and he most certainly did his best, but as we all know, Shakira has dancing in her blood — it comes as naturally to her as walking.

Fallon suggested they try another dance, and this time it was one of Shakira’s own. Fallon held his own with the superstar, but her hips continued to talk truth as she moved through the song.

You can see more of Shakira’s interview with Fallon via clips on his YouTube channel.

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