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Watch: ‘Westworld’ season 4 trailer makes you question the nature of your reality

These violent trailers have violent ends.

After more than two years, the next season of Westworld is making its way to HBO Max this June. To prepare us for all the violent delights that await audiences, the network has decided to give us a full trailer, revealing a ton of imagery from the upcoming run.

Given the obscure note on which things ended last season, fans are currently wondering what this forthcoming run will entail for our characters. Evan Rachel Wood’s Dolores continues to meander through the modern world, grappling with her identity and the half-forgotten dream of upending the foundations of society.

Other than the rest of the ensemble each making a show for the trailer, including Bernard, Maeve, William, Charlotte, and even Caleb, there seems to be an air of finality to the trailer, as if each piece is moving towards the endgame. Your guess as to what that endgame will be, or what other philosophical questions it’ll have us ponder, is as good as mine.

HBO hasn’t exactly ruled out a return for the Jonathan Nolan-led series beyond its fourth season, so it goes without saying that they might decide to ride this as long as it brings in the numbers. As for the show itself, I think it’s safe to say that fans won’t find it extremely difficult to admit it’s somewhat lost its flair over the past two seasons, constantly juggling new concepts and driving the story down unfamiliar avenues in what can only be a half-hearted attempt to retain a semblance of suspense and enigma.

Some might simply find the narrative’s complexity too overbearing for a multi-season television show, though Westworld‘s most ardent fans will no doubt be patiently awaiting the arrival of the next episode on June 26.

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