Watch: ‘Where the Scary Things Are’ trailer teases dark monster tale


A new trailer has just dropped teasing a coming-of-age horror thrill in the internet age with the upcoming film, Where the Scary Things Are.

The Lionsgate film releasing in June stars Paul Cottman, Michael Cervantes, Peter F. Cote, Quinn Andrew Fickes, Selina Flanscha, Oliver Givens, Emma Lim, Asher Ruppert, and Riley Sullivan.

The new film is being touted as Stand by Me or The Goonies with a “deliciously dark twist,” according to the film’s synopsis.

It centers around Ayla and her group of high school friends who discover “a hideous, semi-human mutant.” Despicably, the kids begin making videos intended to go viral, in order to fuel their hunger for “likes.” This includes filming the monster performing “murderous acts.”

One boy witnesses Ayla using the beast’s violence to settle her own scores of revenge and threatens to tell the authorities. But it remains to be seen if he succeeds in saving his friends.

The film comes from writer and director, B. Harrison Smith, who apparently really knows how to pitch films that take a familiar premise with a dark twist; one of his previous films, Death House, was touted as The Expendables of horror.

Death House focused on the “Area 51 of evil,” where all of humanity’s worst death-dealers were held in an underground government facility. It featured horror icons like Robert Englund, Danny Trejo, and Michael Berryman, among others.

Where the Scary Things Are comes to DVD, Digital, and On Demand June 28.

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