‘Weird Al’ Yankovic roasts Kid Rock’s latest track — and the internet is in stitches

Image via IFC

None other than the legendary “Weird Al” Yankovic himself has taken a shot at the latest single released by U.S. artist Kid Rock, and the internet can’t handle the savagery of it all. In a message to followers yesterday, Yankovic humorously corrected folks mockingly attributing Kid Rock’s music video for “Talkin’ all that bullsh*t” to him with the following post

Yankovic, renowned for creating parody songs and music that provides comedic commentary on pop culture, stressed that Kid Rock’s video is, in actual fact, not of his doing, despite giving the impression of satire. “Don’t Tell me How to Live” essentially amounts to a rant criticizing millennials for being “snowflakes” and, for want of a better term, has the lyrical grace of a steamroller.

Naturally, responses from fans have congratulated Al for delivering such a timely, witty remark, even attracting the gaze of Hollywood heavyweights such as Mark Hamill, who simply responded with a laughing emoji.

As for Kid Rock, it remains to be seen if the singer has seen any of the above, but we imagine he won’t be best pleased with people not taking his latest work seriously. On the other hand, there’s no such thing as bad publicity, right? Right?

Let us know what you make of the track down below.