Wesley Snipes Talks Blade 4


It’s been almost a decade since Blade: Trinity put a stake through heart of Welsey Snipe’s badass vampire killer, effectively halting future franchise installments, but that doesn’t mean Snipes is happy with leaving the role dead and buried. Blade was one of the first big comic book adaptations to kickstart the whole superhero genre, along with the massively successful X-Men films, and now that Snipes has cleared up most of his personal problems, it seems like a perfect time to start talking about a possible Blade 4.

Sure, Snipes is a modest 51 years old as of now, looking a little more aged than the comic book form of Blade, but he’s got a damn fine pitch that would please pretty much every horror fan if it were to become a reality. While talking to EW about the possibility of another Blade film, he revealed the following story idea:

‘Blade’ chasing the ‘Twilight’ kids around? Hey man, there’s always a possibility, and I’m open to it. There have been rumors around that we may explore the opportunity, so give me one more shot!


Um, yes please? I’ve always laughed off the above image as a Photoshopped joke, but if these Twilight kids were to finally feel the wrath of a TRUE vampire, there’d be a line of horror fans out the door of each cinema in the country. No more whining, no more silent brooding, no more stuttering girlfriends, and DEFINITELY no more sparkling – just some sweet, justified vengeance and cold steel.

Snipes also talked to MTV and explained why he’d like to bring Blade back from the dead, saying this about the current state of comic book movies:

I’d love to get back in the suit again and do some things I’ve learned how to do now that I didn’t know how to do then. I think we’re better at making that kind of a film now. Some of the things we did in the early parts of the franchise were experimental and now they’ve become customary in a lot of the ‘Avengers’ films and other comic book adaptations.

While this is true, there is a slight problem – the rights to Blade have since reverted back to Marvel/Disney since the last film was released. This is a huge problem because I honestly don’t see Blade fitting anywhere into Marvel’s grand universe, being a much darker, ruthless killer whose movies and comics rely on heavy gore and violence. He’s a bit too ferocious for good-natured characters like Iron Man and Captain America, but maybe if another studio could get the rights somehow, Snipe’s version of Blade could kill again.

I’m not saying a Blade 4 is out of the question, but the movie fans deserve sure would be if Marvel/Disney were involved. I personally believe Blade needs to exist in a world by himself, without these mainstream superheroes getting involved, and that’s just not what Marvel is about right now. I wish Wesley Snipes the best in bringing the world more Blade movies, but he’s got quite the battle ahead of him – do you think victory is in sight?

Source: Screen Rant