What does Dane Cook do now?

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When Dane Cook was born back in 1972, the world had no idea yet that such a hilarious standup comedian and film actor would eventually make such a splash in the Hollywood industry. Over the course of his career, Cook has released a handful of comedy albums, filmed an HBO special, starred in a Comedy Central special, and landed leading roles in a bunch of movies. He’s also even done a bit of voice acting as well! Interestingly enough, it seems like he’s totally disappeared off the map to many of his devoted fans. Here’s what people should know about Cook’s current life situation.

Dane Cook’s plagiarism rumors

In the world of comedy, plagiarism is a huge deal. Being accused of plagiarizing jokes or ideas from another comedian can be the death of your career in some cases. Cook found himself under an immense level of scrutiny when he was accused of stealing jokes from none other than Louis C. K. Overzealous fans even took it so far as to compare Cook’s work to C.K.‘s work by creating side-by-side compilation videos to prove Cook stole material. C.K. openly discuss the fact that he wasn’t willing to take legal action against Cook over the stolen jokes because it simply wasn’t worth his time or energy. Nevertheless, this could be one of the reasons Cook sort of disappeared from the public eye.

Dane Cook’s sketchy Colorado shooting joke

The 2012 shooting that took place in Aurora, Colorado during a screening of The Dark Knight Rises was an absolute devastation that rocked America to its core. A shooter opened fire on innocent people sitting in the audience during the opening night of the movie. Within that same year, Cook tastelessly made a joke about the shooting saying there might’ve been someone in the audience who wasn’t enjoying the movie who was probably muttering to themselves, “Ugh, somebody shoot me.” His joke was not met with a positive response. A lot of people were disappointed at how off-color his comment was and called for him to be #canceled.

Dane Cook’s feud with TJ Miller

TJ Miller was particularly disgusted by Cook’s sense of humor in 2012 and chose to write a brutal review of Cook’s 2012 comedy performance. He labeled the show “misogynistic,” which Cook wasn’t too happy to hear. Since then, Miller and Cook have had an ongoing beef that’s lasted for years. It’s possible that fans of Miller who appreciate his acting work in movies such as Deadpool, She’s Out of My League, and Office Christmas Party have chosen to side with him over Cook.

Dane Cook’s age-gap relationship with Kelsi Taylor

To some people in society, dating with a huge age gap is completely inappropriate. Cook’s relationship with Kelsi Taylor started up in 2017, and wouldn’t have been the biggest deal if there wasn’t a 26-year age gap between them. Regardless of the steep age difference between the two, they seem to be doing just fine without worrying about outside judgment from other people. In fact, she recently posted a selfie with Cook on Instagram in November 2021. There’s a chance some of his fans might feel uncomfortable by the romance though.

Is Dane Cook retired at this point?

Although Cook’s dealt with a handful of scandals and issues in the media, it doesn’t mean he is chosen to fully retire from his industry. In August 2021, he announced that he is finally recording his next comedy special. Taping for the special was supposed to start in October 2021 at Boston’s Wing Theater at Boch Center. Updates about its progress haven’t been made readily available to the public yet.

Is Dane Cook still on tour?

Fortunately for fans of Cook living in America, he still been on tour and doing stand-up shows across the country for several months. He hasn’t actually “disappeared,” but promotions for his comedy shows aren’t as “in your face” as they once were. He performed at the Hollywood Improv location to support the Comedy Gives Back cause with a handful of some of his famous friends not too long ago. Some of those comedians include Alonzo Bodden, Paul Hughes, and Leah Lamarr. Not too long before that, he performed at the Laugh Factory on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles.

What about Dane Cook’s movie career? 

It’s been a few years since Cook starred in a major movie, but that doesn’t mean he’ll never agree to be part of one again in the future. One of the biggest movies of his entire career was Good Luck Chuck from 2007, opposite Jessica Alba. In this particular movie, Cook plays a dentist who has been cursed from childhood. Every woman he dates ends up leaving him and finding her soulmate immediately after. Once his reputation gets exposed, women all over the world are desperate for a chance with him so they can meet their soulmate as soon as possible. At first, he’s cool with it… but eventually he starts to feel used.

What about Dane Cook’s other movies?

In 2006, Cook starred in a movie called Employee of the Month opposite Jessica Simpson. In this hilarious comedy, two rival co-workers at a grocery store go head-to-head to impress the new, attractive cashier who transfers to their store location. They battle it out to win the store’s most coveted honor of her attention. In 2008, Cook starred in a movie called My Best Friend’s Girl opposite Kate Hudson. In this flick, he agrees to do his best friend a solid by taking a lovely girl on a horrible date so that she’ll be willing to go running back to her ex. Instead of finding the date repulsive, she actually starts to catch feelings and that leads to a whole mess of complications. It’s obvious Cook has a great list of movies from his past so it’s exciting to learn if he’d be willing to start in any new movies in the future.

What is Dane Cook‘s current net worth?

As it stands today, Cook has a net worth of $35 million for his long-running career. He’s achieved quite a bit and overcome a lot of the controversies he’s faced over the years. Some people might think he’s disappeared but the reality is, he’s still doing quite well in the comedy world.