Which ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 3 Couples Get Married

Love is Blind
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It all began with 30 Dallas singles coming together with one common goal: to find love in the pods. Over time the number was whittled down to five couples who found and proposed to their special someone. After a honeymoon in Malibu, a cohabitation in a neutral apartment, and a subsequent meeting and blending of the families, some of the couples came out stronger while others cracked under the pressure. Here’s which Love Is Blind lovebirds actually made it to the altar and tied the knot on the big day.

Alexa and Brennon-Yes

Alexa and Brennon
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No surprise here! Alexa and Brennon were picture-perfect right from the get-go. They fell in love in the pods, were smitten at first sight, and just continued to grow and develop their relationship throughout the season. The couple had no real disagreements or upheavals, and both approached the altar sure of their decision. Viewers loved watching Alexa and Brennon’s love story unfold and so it was no big surprise these two both emphatically said “I do” on the big day.

Matt and Colleen- Yes

Colleen and Matt- Love Is Blind
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Colleen and Matt were one of the couples that had a less than smooth road to the altar. The couple’s constant fights and big blowups kept viewers guessing from day to day where they stood. Matt even attempted to leave Colleen and call things off on two separate occasions. Colleen seemed to have lingering feelings for her costar Cole despite her denials, and the two maintained a somewhat flirtatious relationship throughout the season, causing all kinds of problems for her and Matt. Yet when the big day came, both said “I do.”

Raven and Sk-No

Sk proposes to Raven- Love Is Blind
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In a plot twist that many fans did not see coming, the least dramatic couple of the bunch, SK and Raven, ended up saying “no”. Well, Raven said “yes”, but after a very heartfelt exchange at the altar that certainly made it sound like it was going to be a “yes”, SK actually said “no.”

The two had an easy instant connection and little to no drama throughout the season, especially compared to their very hot and cold, on-again-off-again costars. Of all the couples of the season, Raven and SK were the ones that many viewers thought without a doubt would be a “yes.”

SK cited his upcoming move to California for graduate school, Raven’s uncooperative family, and Raven’s own non-compromising ways as his reason behind saying “no”. It was a sad day for heartbroken Raven, but that is the thing with the Love Is Blind process; just when you think you have a couple pegged down, something shifts. It’s truly not over until the altar.

Zanab and Cole-No

Cole and Zanab
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All we can say is: wow! Zanab let Cole have it! So much so that the entire audience clapped after she finished speaking.

Zanab and Cole’s relationship has been rocky from the start, with Cole admitting that he was most attracted to Colleen of any of the women, including Zanab. His comments about Colleen continued and so did some of his only slightly veiled digs at Zanab and her appearance.At the altar she let Cole know exactly what she thought about that telling him he “single-handedly destroyed” her self-esteem. It was quite a speech and one that gained her a round of applause from the audience.

Nancy and Bartise-No

Nancy and Bartise
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Nancy and Bartise’s relationship was a little problematic from the get-go. The honeymoon turned out to be fairly rocky with Bartise admitting that Nancy was physically not “his type”, and that he was most attracted to their costar Raven. He filed the disclosure under the desire to “be honest”, but many viewers felt it was quite cruel. The two also disagreed on big issues of finance, future, and childbearing issues such as abortion, etc. They had a lot of differences and despite their initial connection on the big day, Bartise apparently felt it just wasn’t enough.

The season wrapped up with two “I do’s” and three “I do not’s”. The ending was full of surprises as one of the rockiest couples of the season decided to stay together, and one of the most seemingly solid decided to part ways. Yet that’s why we all adore Love Is Blind: there’s never a dull moment. So congrats to the newly married couples and to the ones that walked away, better luck next time!