Who are the strongest characters in ‘Mob Psycho 100’?

Six years ago, Mob Psycho 100 introduced anime fans to a world of evil spirits exist and strong espers — beings with telekinetic abilities who are looked up to as “exorcists” capable of keeping those evil spirits from harming humanity. 

Over the course of two seasons, the series, which focuses on protagonist Shigeo “Mob” Kageyama, has given fans several powerful espers to invest in. However, none have proven to be quite as strong as Mob. Nonetheless, there have been more than a few whose feats of strength have provided some exciting moments in the series. 

With the 3rd and final season of Mob Psycho 100 announced in late 2021, fans eagerly await the series’ return, slated for April, to see how far their favorite characters have come since last season. In the meantime, let’s take a look back at 10 of the strongest espers that have been featured in the series so far.


Dimple was once a powerful upper class evil spirit before Mob defeated him and drained him of his spiritual energy in the first season of Mob Psycho 100. Afterward, Dimple became Mob’s sidekick for the rest of his time on the anime.

Now all Dimple can do is possess other people for brief periods of time. True, this power is pretty tame compared to the abilities of the other characters from the show, but it has come in handy when Mob and his friends needed an “inside man” to help steer situations in their favor.

Ritsu Kageyama

Most fans already assumed that Mob’s younger brother Ritsu had telepathic abilities since the two characters are brothers, but for the first two seasons, it seemed that his powers were mostly dormant. Though he tried not to show it, Ritsu was pretty resentful towards Mob because of it. 

Eventually, Ritsu’s powers finally surfaced and since then, they gradually got stronger. As Mob’s younger brother, Ritsu has all the same abilities, but because he discovered them late, he’s still a lot weaker than Mob. However, Ritsu can currently hold his own with mid-level espers and if Mob is any indication, Ritsu’s power might reach incredible levels in the 3rd season.

Teruki Hanazawa

One of the few espers to hold his own with Mob, Teruki Hanazawa is a high schooler who challenges Mob to an esper battle so they can showcase what they can do with their telekinetic abilities. Though Mob ultimately won, there is no denying that Hanazawa was able to keep up with Mob.

His esper abilities are strong enough to stand up to the mortality members of the evil esper organization known as Claw. 

Toshiki Minegichi

As a member of the criminal organization, Claw, Toshiki Minegichi is part of the Ultimate 5 — a group made up of the five most elite members in Claw considered to be exceptional when it comes to using psychic abilities. 

Minegichi has the unique power to create and control plant life, which he juices to produce vines and Venus fly traps that attack and immobilize his enemies. Although the power doesn’t sound very dangerous, if used strategically, Minegichi’s ability can become quite dangerous against a less powerful esper.

Sho Suzuki

As the son of Claw’s most powerful leader, Sho has been trained extensively in strengthening his psychic abilities, making him one of the strongest and most experienced espers in the series, aside from Mob.

Sho has a range of impressive esper abilities, including the same level of telekinesis that Mob is famously known for. He can also bend light to his will and turn himself invisible. In addition, he can store energy, allowing him to build his power steadily before unleashing it all at once.

Roy Shimazaki

Another member of Claw’s Ultimate 5, Ryo Shimazaki is definitely one of the most powerful espers in Mob Psycho 100. The man is so strong that he was able to easily defeat both Teruki and Ritsu at the same time in esper combat. 

His greatest strength is the ability to teleport, a power that allows him to move pretty much anywhere at rapid speed. Shimazaki can also use his “Mind’s Eye” to sense other espers before he’s attacked. Using teleportation and the “Mind’s Eye” together, Shimazaki can also quickly attack multiple opponents at the same time while also escaping their counterattacks.

Katsuyama Serizawa

As a member of Claw’s Ultimate 5, Katsuyama Serizawa was considered to be the more humane member, which prompted Mob to convince him to lead a less destructive life at the end of summer the second season. Despite refraining from using his powers and living a sheltered life indoors, Serizawa proved to be quite a threat with his psychokinesis abilities, which he channeled through his umbrella.  

It may seem silly, but Serizawa was very adept at using his umbrella as both a weapon and a shield, making him a pretty dangerous opponent for Mob and his friends. Though he may have looked out of place with his timid personality and unnecessary accessory, Serizawa’s skills with the umbrella were memorable enough to make Mary Poppins proud.

Keiji Mogami

When fans are first introduced to Keiji Mogami, he is an evil spirit. But before he died, Mogami was known as one of the most powerful psychics to ever live. Formerly known as “The Greatest Psychic of the 20th century,” Mogami had the ability to possess his victims and create mental mindscapes to trap them in surreal fantasies. He’s also been seen using the ability to absorb a person’s life force, which he used to take out many of the Claw organization’s espers. 

Toichiro Suzuki

As the leader of the criminal organization Claw, Toichiro is definitely one of the strongest espers in the anime — and the first real threat to Mob’s powers. Just like his son, Suzuki could store psychic energy and unleash it all at one time. But it was his My Hero Academia-like abilities that really made Suzuki stand out as a dangerous nemesis for Mob.

In addition to his other abilities, Suzuki can also absorb the powers of his followers and even transfer his abilities into other people, including some who were not initially espers. In a sense, he is both All For One and the One For All in Mob Psycho 100

Suzuki can also send shock waves through his opponents, manipulate gravity and create shielded barriers to protect him from bullets. In short, he’s damn near invincible.

Shigeo “Mob” Kageyama

No one truly knows the limits or even the full capabilities of Mob’s esper abilities. He’s shown that he can emulate a majority of the abilities listed so far on the list, although he doesn’t use all of them most of the time. However, he is the only character to defeat all of the other characters on this list, so that in of itself, is saying something.

So far, it is pretty much a given that Mob has the ability to sense and exorcise evil spirits. It’s also understood that Mob’s telekinetic powers are unusually strong for someone his age, which means that he has the potential to be the next greatest esper by the time he becomes an adult like Toichiro Suzuki. 

The only difference between Mob and the other characters is that he seemingly has no limits on how powerful he can get. Fans usually can see the scope of his strength applied to a meter that is based on percentages, starting at 1 and ending at 100 percent. However, whenever an esper challenges him to the point where his suppressed psychic energy rises to the surface, Mob’s meter disappears into the “???%” category. When that happens, there’s no telling what might happen next.