Who is Ian Somerhalder’s wife? Meet Nikki Reed

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At this point in time, pretty much everyone knows who Ian Somerhalder is. He’s the hunky actor who played the role of the brooding vampire in The Vampire Diaries alongside Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev. The series ran for eight seasons starting in 2009 and is now available for your viewing pleasure on Netflix. The supernatural teen drama has been compared to the Twilight movie saga so many times over the years since they share some striking similarities. Interestingly enough, Ian’s wife Nikki Reed is actually one of the main stars from the Twilight franchise! Here’s what you should know about Nikki, her career, and who she is as a person.

How did Ian and Nikki meet?

The romance between Ian and Nikki started off as nothing more than a platonic friendship. She revealed they were introduced to each other by a mutual friend when they were young and hit it off as buddies. After eight or nine years of friendship, they realized that they had similar passions and goals in life. Their similarities helped them connect and because of that, they realized they might want to pursue something romantic. One of their mutual passions happened to be their love for animals and planet earth. Rumors about the Hollywood power couple getting together began swirling in July 2014, and by August 2014, it was obvious that they were officially an item. In fact, they took it as far as adopting a horse together named Eagle that month, and moving in with each other after dating for a few short weeks. By January 2015, they were engaged.

What was their wedding like?

Ian and Nikki opted for a secret ceremony with only their closest friends and family on the invitation list. They were very exclusive about who was welcome at the lovely event. The way they kept the details on the down-low is actually very interesting! They invited everyone to a “housewarming party,” but it ended up being their surprise wedding. Their guests showed up not expecting to witness the couple tying the knot, but that’s exactly what happened. They served a red velvet wedding cake iced in white buttercream frosting, as well as delicious cocktails and margaritas. Nikki wore a beautiful gown designed by Claire Pettibone while holding a BoHo chic bouquet of assorted flowers. She had wildflowers, peonies, roses, and lush greenery added into the mix. 

How many kids do they share?

As of now, Ian and Nikki only have one child together. Their daughter Bodhi Soleil Reed Somerhalder was born on July 25, 2017. Interestingly enough, one of Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green‘s kids shares the same first name as Nikki and Ian‘s daughter. Bodhi was born in Venice, Los Angeles and since she’s an only child, she very likely gets as much love, attention, and affection from her parents as she could ever desire.

Nikki‘s role in ‘Twilight’

The Twilight movie saga starred Kristen Stewart in the leading female role as Bella Swan and Robert Pattinson in the leading male role as Edward Cullen. Even though she wasn’t Twilight’s main lady, Nikki still played an important role in the franchise as one of Edward’s adoptive vampire sisters. Her name in the franchise is Rosalie Hale and she’s a feisty vampire who’s got an attitude. It’s mainly because she cares about protecting the people she loves most. Rosalie takes a while to warm up to Bella since she’s so overly protective of Edward. Ultimately, Rosalie and Bella become extremely close and begin sharing somewhat of a sisterly bond. Rosalie dates Emmett Cullen in the movies because they have overtly competitive natures in common.

Nikki’s other major movies 

A lot of fans mainly recognize Nikki from her role in the Twilight saga, but she’s actually starred in several other movies. In 2003, she starred in a movie called Thirteen about rebellious teenagers doing inappropriate things at a very young age. The edgy movie explores the desperation some girls feel to grow up at a faster rate than they’re meant to. In 2006, she starred in a movie called Mini’s First Time about a sultry teenage girl who starts an affair with her stepfather behind her mother’s back. Since her mother is so neglectful, she feels the need to rebel in one of the messiest and worst possible ways. In 2013, Nikki starred in an action-packed movie called Empire State amongst some big names. Dwayne Johnson, Emma Roberts, and Liam Hemsworth were also part of the cast.

Nikki’s Instagram and Twitter 

Social media is a great place to keep up with Nikki and a great place to find out more about who she is as a person. On Twitter, she has over 762,000 followers and on Instagram, she has over 3.6 million followers. She posts a lot of beautiful photography and artistic content on a regular basis. Her deep love for animals is quite apparent if you take a few scrolls through her feeds.

Was there ever a feud between Nikki and Nina Dobrev?

Some people believe there was a feud between Nikki and Nina Dobrev, since Nina once had a relationship with Ian Somerhalder. Despite what tabloids have to say, Nina was able to remain friends with Ian, even after their super public split. Nina even got an invite to Nikki and Ian’s wedding, but she turned it down because she felt it would be awkward. Even though she didn’t show up to the wedding, there still isn’t any bad blood between the two beautiful women. Nina even posted an adorable selfie of herself with Ian and Nikki in 2017, seemingly squashing any feud rumors that ever existed. 

Nikki’s business ventures and net worth 

According to Nikki‘s Instagram bio, she’s got a lot of fires cooking in terms of business ventures. She’s the CEO and founder of an awesome jewelry and watch company called Bayou With Love. The sustainable handcrafted pieces are created in Los Angeles and made from recycled gold. That’s what makes the business totally socially conscious. She’s also the creative director of a vegan sneaker brand called LOCI Wear. The brand makes the claim that they help save sea life with every pair sold. She promotes her professional photography with equipment made by Leica Camera USA, too. Lastly, she serves as the strategic advisor for a medical and health company called Genexa. Because of everything she’s got going on, according to Celebrity Net Worth she’s currently standing at $12 million today.