Who is Jennifer Lawrence married to?

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - DECEMBER 05: Jennifer Lawrence attends the world premiere of Netflix's "Don't Look Up" on December 05, 2021 in New York City. (Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

An abundance of curiosity, attention, and intrigue surrounds A-list actress Jennifer Lawrence. She splashed onto the scene in 2008 making her debut in a drama called Garden Party. In the movie, she played a troubled teenager named Tiff, and from there she was able to catch the attention of many more major moviemakers. Some of Lawrence’s major movie appearances include the X-Men movie franchise, the Hunger Games movie franchise, and Silver Linings Playbook, performing opposite Bradley Cooper.

She had a major role in American Hustle opposite Christian Bale and most recently, she teamed up with Leonardo DiCaprio for Don’t Look Up in 2021. The world knows all about Lawrence and her undeniable talent, but what about the husband she comes home to every night? Here’s what you should know about Lawrence’s husband, Cooke Maroney.

Who is Jennifer Lawrence‘s husband, Cooke Maroney?

Maroney is a New York-based art gallery director with an eye for detail. He went to college at New York University and earned a degree in art history. After graduating in 2007, it was obvious to him he wanted to continue pursuing a career in the art industry. Fortunately, he was able to accomplish exactly what he set out to do. Another interesting thing to note about Maroney is the fact that he grew up in Vermont on a farm called Oliver Hill. His parents were originally living in the city but decided to relocate to a farm because they were sick and tired of the city lifestyle. They opted towards a more simplistic way of life when raising Maroney and his younger sister.

How did Jennifer Lawrence and Cook Maroney‘s relationship unfold?

The first time eagle-eyed fans spotted Lawrence spending time with Maroney was in June 2018. He was still a mysterious man who no one was able to identify at the time. Eventually, the curious folks on the internet were able to determine his identity and decipher exactly who he was. It turns out, the two were introduced by Laura Simpson, one of their mutual friends. Even though they hit it off pretty quickly, they kept their relationship under wraps for a while.

Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke Maroney are expecting a child together

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One of the most exciting pieces of news for Lawrence and Maroney is the fact that they’re expecting their first child together. A lot of Lawrence’s pregnancy photos appear to be absolutely beautiful, and she’s been totally glowing throughout the process. This with be both Lawrence’s and Maroney’s first time entering parenthood.

About Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke Maroney’s engagement

Maroney popped the question to Lawrence sometime in early 2019, evidenced by a lovely engagement party in New York City in May of that year. Just a month before that, they were spotted scoping out potential wedding venues throughout the city together as well. The engagement party was held at a restaurant called River Café in Brooklyn, and to make the night as special as possible, the couple rented out the entire restaurant for the evening. Tables were set up throughout the terrace room, outdoor patio, and indoor dining room for everyone to enjoy their meals.

About Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke Maroney’s wedding day

Lawrence and Maroney tied the knot in October 2019. They were spotted by paparazzi at a New York City marriage bureau snagging an official wedding license which gave hints to the public that they were certainly ready to get married sometime soon. They ended up making things official just a month after that! The wedding took place in Rhode Island and included some of their famous friends. Bradley Cooper, Adele, Kris Jenner, Amy Schumer, Emma Stone, Ashley Olsen, Cameron Diaz, and Sienna Miller are just some of the famous names who were in the audience.

Is Cooke Maroney on social media?

Unfortunately for people who want to keep up with Lawrence and Maroney’s relationship on social media, you won’t be able to find either of them on Instagram. Lawrence has several fan pages created on her behalf, with the most popular page at over 683,000 followers. Maroney has a private Instagram account that doesn’t even have 2,000 followers on it as of now. Neither seems interested in posting selfies or videos for the public to see.

Where do Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke Maroney plan to live?

Towards the end of 2021, Lawrence and Maroney were spotted spending time with a real estate agent in New York City. They were reportedly searching for a new place to live together. In August 2020, Lawrence sold her Manhattan penthouse for $9.9 million and moved into a West Village townhouse for $22 million. It’s unclear if she’s listed her current townhouse for sale as she and Maroney continue searching for a new potential home to move into together. Since they have a little one on the way, the place they choose to live next will likely be heavily influenced by that fact.

Did Jennifer Lawrence date anyone else before marrying Cooke Maroney?

Jennifer Lawrence wasn’t always head over heels in love with Maroney. There are some other men in the Hollywood industry she was attached to before settling down with her current husband. One of those men happens to be Nicolas Hoult, who she dated from 2010 to 2013 after meeting him on the set of X-Men: First Class. They reconciled in the spring of 2014 but decided to officially end things by the summertime. Lawrence was also linked to musician Chris Martin up until 2015. Their relationship fell apart because they reportedly weren’t able to spend enough quality time together. From 2016 to 2017, Lawrence was dating Darren Aronofsky, and even after they split she had nothing but positive things to say about him. She even refers to him as someone she still considers a good friend. As of now, Maroney is clearly the center of her attention. 

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