W&W Deliver Festival Anthem “How Many”


Sometimes you can just tell that a track is gonna make waves once it hits the festival circuit. W&W‘s “How Many” might not strictly adhere to their trance roots – or hit as hard as some of their more recent releases – but fits the formula of a main stage hit to the T.

The pitch shifted vocals of “How Many” are sure to get lodged in the back of your mind as you go about your day. In case they don’t, though, its monolithic synth lead evokes an even more powerful grandeur that could unite a crowd at the foot of a festival main stage in frothing motion.

Instead of debuting “How Many” at their Ultra Music Festival performance next week, it appears as though W&W opted to release it early so that their fans could sing along. After checking it out, let us know if you’ll be one of them in the comments section below.