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‘Yellowstone’ fans are going full #TeamBeth after that shocking conclusion to season 5, episode 3

It’s #TeamBeth or bust

Beth Dutton
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Warning: This article contains spoilers for season five, episode three of Yellowstone.

Yellowstone shocked fans this evening as Lloyd’s birthday celebration turned violent during an impromptu trip to a cowboy bar to honor the legendary cowboy. 

Beth Dutton and Rip Wheeler joined the ranch hands at the bunkhouse for what Rip called a birthday party for Lloyd. When they showed up, Beth was less than pleased with the card game they used as a sad excuse for a birthday party. She asked if they were really ready to party and everyone except Rip was on board with the idea. Of course, telling Beth no works about as well as trying to paint a house with a toothbrush, so off they went. 

Things were going swimmingly at first, but when a woman decided to try to get her flirt on with Rip, Beth turned into the tornado we know and love her as. Rip is handsome, no one can dispute that, but you can’t try to hit on the man who tells Beth Dutton that she’s all he’ll ever need.

Rip told the patron that he was married, and she laughed and said that she was too; things got more intense when Rip told her that his wife was staring at her as they stood together in the bar.

She was so unbothered that she decided to go talk to Beth herself, and it was all game on from that moment. So when Beth hit her over the head with a beer bottle for having the audacity, fans took to Twitter with praise for the firey badass we all know and love.

You do not confront Beth, and you do not mess with her man.

Forget BDE; it’s BBE from here on out. We’ve got big Beth energy.

Beth said nothing bad would happen before midnight, but we’re not sure what transpired was all that bad. Have you seen the people rooting for Beth? As we said, it’s #TeamBeth or bust!

We all want to channel our inner Beth Dutton from time to time, and getting to see her kick butt in a bar fight was certainly a shining moment in the series so far.

This Tweet says it all, doesn’t it?

Beth didn’t check anything at the door tonight except her sense of chill.

Even fans who don’t usually root for Beth were wowed by her badassery. You want Beth on your side in a bar fight, or any fight to be honest.

Of course, Beth being arrested with John Dutton being sworn in as Governor of Montana will create another problem for the Dutton family. It’s all in a day’s work for the cowboy who now has his hand in the political arena. We have a feeling she won’t be in that cell for too long.

Here’s to Beth Dutton, beer bottles, and not messing with her man.

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