‘Yellowstone’ star Luke Grimes teases new song ‘Oh Ohio’

via IMDb

Luke Grimes is gearing up to release his second single ahead of his debut album later this year, and the Yellowstone star is bringing everything gritty and southern to the forefront of his crooning career.

In a teaser video shared to his Instagram account, Grimes announces that his new song, “Oh Ohio,” is set to be released tomorrow. The short clip gives fans a preview of the kind of emotion we’ll all feel when we hear the song in full, while his sultry and soulful voice guides viewers through a series of video clips from somewhere special to Grimes.

Hailing from Ohio, Grimes’ latest single seems to hold a deep-seated honor and respect for the place that helped raise him and the childhood he knew.

The lyrics so far prove that, much like his first tune, this one will evoke a heavy sense of emotion in listeners, one of longing for something from our past, something that shaped us, moved us, and allowed us to exist in the sense of joy while also causing us pain. What can we say? We’re ready.

“Oh, it’s been nice to know ya, guess it’s time I get on down the road — when you’re forgetting me, crucify my memory…know I bleed Ohio.”

In a chat with Mr. Feelgood, Grimes shares more about how growing up in Ohio set him up on a path to success for reasons he didn’t understand at the time.

“I grew up in Dayton, Ohio. I grew up very, very Christian. My dad was a pastor. So I went to Christian school, I went to Christian camp, I was very, very religious growing up. But I wouldn’t change it for anything. I grew up around some really awesome, kind people, and in a really nice, comfortable place. And there wasn’t much to do in Ohio except for sit around and try to get good at stuff, which I appreciate now.”

Of course, it’s not just Ohio that Grimes reflects upon when looking at his childhood; it’s the influence of his parents and how grateful he is for the memories he has, especially since the passing of his father in February of 2022.

“Not having him here anymore made me really go back and hold on so dear to some of those memories. He taught me that you can be strong without having an ego, and you can be a leader and still be humble and still be kind.”

It goes without saying that “Oh Ohio” will be a sentimental tune for the ultra-talented Grimes, and we can’t wait to hear it.