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‘Yellowstone’ stars Kelly Reilly and Cole Hauser tease their sultry season 5 slow burn

We still aren’t tired of calling these two husband and wife!

Beth and Rip: Beginning to Happily Ever After
Paramount via Yellowstone YouTube

It’s a good day to be a Yellowstone fan, especially if you have a special place in your heart for the romantic and sultry couple we’ve all fallen in love with: Beth and Rip. 

That’s right, Kelly Reilly and Cole Hauser are talking about what’s in store for our favorite Yellowstone pair in the upcoming and emotional fifth season. Speaking to EW, Reilly says Beth’s loyalty to Rip is as natural as breathing. 

“Beth has always been devoted to Rip. Marriage does not change her. I think his love for her and hers for him is one of the very few things that keeps her demons at arm’s length (mostly).”

Be still our beating hearts, a love that keeps demons at bay? Isn’t that what we all dream of? Someone who makes the dark a little lighter and the tough times easier to shoulder? It doesn’t hurt that both of them are completely swoon-worthy, either.

Cole Hauser steps in to highlight the one thing that does change for them this season. Or rather, the thing that cements them as a married couple, more for those around them. 

“The first thing it changes is that he’s moved into the main house, which is somewhere he’s never really been that comfortable. It’s a weird thing to think that John Dutton is actually related to him now through marriage.”

Hauser also describes that fans should expect a sultry and romantic but also emotional journey for Beth and Rip this season. Taylor Sheridan is really diving into their married relationship. 

“What I like about what [Taylor Sheridan] wrote is that he slow burns this year with me and Beth. In the beginning, there’s some wonderful moments between the two of us, some stuff that she’s going through in her past, that she’s having to acknowledge for the first time, and me trying to help her through that.” 

Reilly notes that there’s a sense of intentional battle for her this year; fans know that storyline too well. There’s a secret she’s been keeping from Rip, but there’s also a lot of regret and blame she’s carried alone for all of these years. She has to find the strength within to face it and to let down those walls to let her husband in. We’ll never get tired of calling Rip her husband. 

“The war feels internal this year for her. She’s haunted by the past, afraid for the future and fighting with all she has for the present moment.”

So while there will definitely be moments that make our hearts flutter and our pulses race, there will be scenes where the tears are flowing. So make sure you grab your tissues and your favorite bourbon because Yellowstone kicks off with a two-hour television event on November 13. Here’s to Beth and Rip and their unique happily ever after; may we all find one of our own. 

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