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‘Yellowstone’s Luke Grimes ignites fans with promise in new Instagram post

Here's to Luke Grimes, a country star, and an almost painfully handsome charmer.

Luke Grimes
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Yellowstone star Luke Grimes finally joined the social media world in September with an exciting announcement for fans: he is working on a country album and will perform at 2023’s Stagecoach. 

Fans were thrilled at the news, but more so because they could finally keep up to date with their favorite Dutton on social media. Grimes has solidified himself in the entertainment realm as a versatile actor, but there’s a lot of similarity between himself and Kayce. Fans love them both, so when he took to Instagram last night with a new promise — they were both excited and ready to riot.

In the caption, he calls himself for being late to the social media party and promises to check in with updates “from time to time.” Of course, his followers were ecstatic to hear it. It’s the promise he follows up with that has them all riled up: Grimes promised that he wouldn’t be posting a ton of selfies on his account, and his fans have strong opinions.

We’re not kidding when we say most of the responses were fans telling Grimes that the selfies should probably be at a maximum, not few and far between.

Grimes is talented as an actor, and his upcoming album will likely be on repeat for fans of country music, but you can’t fault fans for not being able to get enough of his face.

It’s not just a fan here or there asking for selfies; it’s comment after comment.

Some fans support Grimes’ decision not to flood his Instagram with his charming good looks (but like…why), and they told him they support whatever he posts while still hinting that selfies are appreciated.

At the end of the day, fans are thrilled to have him on the social media platform and are looking forward to updates on all of his career paths. Here’s to Luke Grimes as Kayce Dutton, a country star, and an almost painfully handsome charmer — we have to call it like we see it.

There’s no official release date for his country project yet, but co-star and on-screen wife Kelsey Asbille recently shared that she’d already heard some of his music and loved it.

For now, you can see Grimes in the first four seasons of Yellowstone, streaming now on Peacock, and don’t forget to cancel all of your plans on Nov. 13 for the two-hour season 5 premiere of our favorite cowboy drama. 

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