You Can’t Miss The Official Trailer For Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas 2016


This year’s edition of Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas is bound to be a special one. Even though the event has only taken place at the Las Vegas Speedway since 2011, Insomniac Events’ flagship festival will celebrate its its 20th anniversary this year – and if the official trailer is any indicator, they want everyone to know just what they have to offer.

A recent video titled “The Road To EDC20” compiled clips of several of Electric Daisy Carnival’s most memorable trailers from over the years into one long montage, and up against the new clip you can see just how far the massive has come since its inception. Each stage is practically a festival unto itself, as crowd, stage and overhead shots of each are given their own distinctive segments.

Out of all the mainstream electronic music festivals in North America, Electric Daisy Carnival has also arguably done the best job of preserving the positive vibes on which Insomniac Events was founded over the years, and we can’t wait to see what they’ve got in store for us with the 20th anniversary.

The 2016 edition of EDC Las Vegas will take place from June 19th-21st in Las Vegas, Nevada, and a full lineup announcement is expected to surface soon.