Zedd And Ke$ha’s “True Colors” Leaks Before Official Release

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When a track is this anticlimactic, I suppose you have to “leak” it a day early just to get people talking about it. For how eagerly the music world seems to have anticipated a Zedd and Ke$ha collaboration, what the two of them finally turned out could hardly even be classified as such.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bashing on the song itself. “True Colors” was one of the stronger tracks on Zedd’s otherwise lackluster 2015 album of the same name – operative word being “was.” Aside from very minimal sound design tweaks, the only thing different about his and Ke$ha’s collaboration is that she’s the featured vocalist instead of Tim James. I’d love to be able to say that Ke$ha’s beautiful voice alone made listening to the track worthwhile, but I don’t think her fans would even believe me.

I’m not suggesting that pop vocalists aren’t allowed to cover each other’s tracks, but for the amount of hype around Ke$ha’s version of “True Colors,” the track itself makes for something of a letdown. Considering Zedd’s recent creative dry spell and the fact that Ke$ha has made a career out of performing other people’s songs, maybe they’re both just at a standstill.

Then again, it’s always possible that Zedd and Ke$ha are simply gearing up for a much bigger collaboration. Unless further announcements are made, however, what they’ve turned out in the form of “True Colors” fails to impress.