Zedd Brings Out Kesha At Coachella


There have certainly been no shortage of special guest appearances at Coachella this year, and the latest artist to hop on stage unannounced was Kesha, who showed up during Zedd’s set last night. She came out near the end of his performance to sing “True Colors,” while the producer hopped off the decks and took to the drums to assist her.

I suppose we shouldn’t be all that surprised that Kesha appeared, as rumors had been circulating recently that she might show up during Zedd’s set. Plus, there’s also the fact that the DJ has been pretty vocal in his desire to help her out during her rough legal battle.

Still, surprise or no surprise, it was a great moment and hopefully it signifies that the two artists will be working together at some point in the future.

Until we hear more on that front, though, check out Zedd and Kesha performing at Coachella in the video above and let us know if you were there to witness it.