Zedd Hopes To Finish Next Album This Spring


In a recent interview with 97.1 AMP, Zedd revealed that he’s currently hard at work on his sophomore album and that he’s hoping to have it finished this spring.

“I’m really far advanced in my album right now. It’s probably still going to take me a good month, a month-and-a-half to finish it — you know the last touches,” Zedd said.

While he wouldn’t say too much on what exactly he’s got planned for us, Anton did reveal where the focus of the album is:

“I want to be able to perform every single song on the piano. That was kind of the idea on this album, so as long as I take care of that, the song’s won’t get old.”

The only other thing we know about the follow-up to 2012’s Clarity at this point is that the recently released “I Want You To Know” will be appearing on it. Aside from that, details on what Zedd has been so hard at work on for the past 2.5 years are scarce on the ground.

That being said, if the massive success of the aforementioned single is any indication, then you can bet that the producer has something pretty special in store for us with his sophomore effort.