Zedd’s Ke$ha Collaboration Is On The Way


UPDATE: According to a Tweet made by Zedd, his and Ke$ha’s upcoming collaboration will apparently be titled “True Colors” (even though he already released not only a song of that title but also an album of its namesake) and will come out on April 29th.

ORIGINAL STORY: After widespread speculation that German DJ/producer Zedd was going to collaborate with pop singer Ke$ha, a photo has surfaced that all but confirms that the two artists are working together. While only the backs of their heads are visible in the image, at least one of them is relatively easy to identify.

Based on the rainbow-died locks of hair on her shoulders, it’s safe to assert that the figure on the left is Ke$ha – and the photo itself was shared by Zedd on Instagram.



A photo posted by Zedd (@zedd) on

Zedd stood among Ke$ha’s more vocal supporters after she accused pop music producer and Kemosabe Records founder Dr. Luke of rape, and even went as far as to offer his own services as a producer to the singer/songwriter.

As such, it was no surprise when Zedd brought Ke$ha out onstage during his Coachella performance the weekend before last – and even less of a surprise that she would take him up on his offer in light of her own dwindling relationship with Sony Music Entertainment.

However, neither Zedd nor Ke$ha have announced a title, release date or any other information for their upcoming collaboration. It will likely surface sometime over the course of the 2016 festival season though, and we’ll be sure to provide you with further details as they emerge.