Zoë Kravitz explains the love/hate relationship between the Bat and the Cat

the batman

For decades, DC mainstays, Batman and Catwoman have had a love-hate relationship going, and Matt Reeves’ blockbuster, The Batman is no exception. The superhero film stars Robert Pattinson and Zoë Kravitz as Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle respectively, and according to Kravitz, “there’s a really deep connection” between the two characters. 

In The Art of The Batman, the behind-the-scenes illustrated tie-in book to the film, the actress expressed her views on the similarities and differences between her character and Batman. 

“Cat and-mouse is a great way to describe it, I think there’s a love-hate thing, and I think the line between love and hate is very thin. There’s a really deep soul connection, even though they see things differently and they come from very different backgrounds. I think that they are actually fighting for the same thing and they’re both people who really believe in justice.

Their idea of what justice is might be a little bit different, but they’re both people who really fight for what they believe in, they aren’t afraid to fight, they aren’t afraid to die for what they believe in. I also think they’re people who have often felt alone, which is how they were able to become the people they are now, and acquire the skills that they have. So I think they meet each other and finally meet someone who can match them. It’s scary and exciting and sexy, all at the same time.”

Fans can still catch Kravitz and the rest of the cast in The Batman, which is still running in theaters, and can also stream it exclusively on HBO Max. The Art of The Batman was written by James Field and includes concept art for the costume designs, as well as interviews with the cast and crew. The book was published on April 19.

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