Marjorie Taylor Greene finally merges her two passions — her relentless anti-LGBTQ+ crusade and claiming Jan. 6 detainees are being mistreated

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If there is one thing that politician Marjorie Taylor Greene has made absolutely clear, it is that no matter how much she loves cheerleading for Donald Trump, airing her bigoted views on LGBTQ+ rights and harping the same tune of how Jan. 6 defendants are the only ones getting mistreated in jails always take precedence. And now, she appears to have decided to combine her divided attention on the topics and hence, merged them so she can promote both at the same time.

MTG is currently in Texas as a part of Trump’s rally to support her “favorite president.” But amidst all that, she found the time to talk about her recent visit, which also included U.S. representatives Jasmine Crockett and Robert Garcia, to the DC jail. In slight contrast to her earlier claims, Greene starts by talking about all the inmates of the jail and acknowledges how their basic human rights are being violated. But she eventually pivots to stressing how only the Jan. 6 insurrectionists are not being fairly treated — whether it is in terms of getting perks or punishment. 

“I talked to many of them on my last visit and they told me plenty about the jail. Some told me about their education and job opportunities that J6’ers didn’t have, others about learning the legal process from Georgetown law students that J6’ers didn’t get to do, and some screamed and begged for help saying they had been in solitary confinement for ‘4 months’ and that sounded the same as J6’ers only longer for J6’ers.”

And then, to no one’s surprise, she kickstarts her favorite topic by revealing how it bothered her that transgender women were getting facilities like sanitary supplies and are being allowed to be in jails, which according to Greene, should be reserved for individuals assigned female at the time of birth. 

“When I asked about trans (biological males) being in the women’s area, Jasmine asked if the jail provided sanitary supplies. Republicans want to keep trans (biological males) out of women’s prisons/jails but apparently Democrats just want to make sure they have tampons.” 

Her poor attempts at recharging her anti-LGBTQ+ guns come a day after she proudly proclaimed her vote in favor of the highly controversial “Parents Bill of Rights” that, if passed, would basically leave the LGBTQ+ students without any support system they might find in their school amongst their peers and teachers. 

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