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10 summer memes perfect for sharing good vibes

It's easy to complain about the heat when it comes to summer, but there is so much more to vibe on than just AC.

Ah summer, between the festering heat, the burning sun, and the laundry list of activities that simply must be done, it can all get a little overwhelming. Despite working adults soldiering through the day-to-day, there’s still something magical about those long, hot afternoons, something that reeks of nostalgia for those days long gone when we had few to no responsibilities and months to go before the school year reared its ugly head.

To inspire that potentially long-lost sense of wonder, we’ve gathered a set of memes to help remind you of that sense of happiness and to promote good vibes going into the hottest months of the year. From students and teachers to parents and those who are child free, we’ve got some good summer vibes for everybody in these celebratory memes.

Even the best of years can be tumultuous for students. That’s why it’s important to let kids unwind over the summer and digest some of the hard learned lesson from the year. And let’s be honest, sometimes it’s just easier to let them make their own mistakes and learn from the outcomes.

Let’s be honest, one of the best things about summer is making plans that you never follow through on. Sometimes the heat just won’t allow for those afternoon romps, or maybe you want a moment to focus on self-care? Either way, the days of summer seem to stretch forever, and we all deserve a little break from the pressure, right?

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Some of us have incredible AC, but for the rest of us, nights can be a battle all on their own. On those hot nights, the best we can do is try to hold on and hope that we finally get the rest we need.

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One of the best things you can do on vacation is take a nap. Few things beat the glory of knowing you can doze off for a while without having any responsibilities sneaking up on you. Just make sure you’re wearing sunscreen if you plan to snooze outside.

No matter how close you are to your family, or how sociable you are, we all reach a point of no return when it comes to socializing. With the copious number of family BBQs, reunions, and sporting events, there’s no doubt that some of those limits strike when you’re with the ones you love the most.

But the best thing about those family reunions are the tiny new additions to the family! Summer is so much more fun when you’re experiencing it with a little one. Sometimes, we just need to take a minute and channel our inner child and try to experience the wonder of summer for the first time.

Its almost impossible to say no to the idea of a summer meal on a patio. No matter how hard you might be trying to watch your figure—you look great by the way— or your wallet, the sirens call of a cool breeze, the open sky, and some good company is well worth letting go of the little things for a day.

For many of us that final day of school before summer vacation may be a distant memory, but the sheer joy of knowing that you won’t have to come back for a while can still be found in the lead up to a vacation. There is nothing quite like the sense of weightlessness that comes with knowing that tomorrow, everything is someone else’s problem.

The last thing you want while on vacation is to be bombarded by messages from coworkers. For our own mental health, it’s a good stance to refuse contact. The next time you get to go out of town for a while, channel Ron Swanson. Don’t pick up that phone.

There are countless jokes about needing a vacation from your vacation, and the struggle is real! If you’re anything like me, it can take days before your brain reactivates and sets itself back into work mode. Remember to take it easy on yourself and that no one is 100% efficient all the time.

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