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Elon Musk trashtalks former employee while bantering with notorious LGBTQ hate account

Has your boss ever made ableist remarks about you after letting you go? Nah? Same here.

Elon Musk trashes former employee
Credit: Michael Gonzalez / Stringer

Elon Musk continues to shock and appall with his lackluster-at-best approach to owning Twitter, this time making an ableist remark about an employee he has seemingly fired after they dared to speak out against Chief Twit.

To make matters worse, Musk made the jibe in response to Libs of TikTok, a Twitter account notorious for inciting Neo-Nazis and spreading anti-LGBTQ hate.

The account’s attempt at cultural commentary used the “how it started” vs “how it’s going” meme template to document the whole saga — a former employee lashing out at Musk on the platform, then a tweet confirming she had been dismissed. Musk replied to Libs of TikTok’s tweet, stating “A tragic case of adult onset Tourettes.”

As expected, the Twitter and Tesla head’s choice of social media tête à tête partner has raised a number of eyebrows, and is rightfully a cause for concern.

One of the pillars on which Musk acquired the platform was “free speech,” and so far, it’s safe to say he’s doing a pretty awful job of it – coming up with new rules for the platform on a whim every time he feels slighted. 

Chief Twit is also firing any employee who dares to speak out against him, publicly or internally, putting a bit of an asterisk on that whole concept.

Granted, bad-mouthing your boss has been a fast track to getting yourself fired pretty much since the beginning of time. However, when you lay off over half of your staff and expect the remainder to keep the platform afloat, AND your c-suite is voluntarily walking out on you, perhaps you should start listening to the feedback of those who decided to stick around, instead of firing them like a petulant child.

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