‘Harry Potter’ fans are gushing over Tom Riddle… not Voldemort


Voldemort is one of the most famous literary villains around, and, thanks to the portrayal of the character by Ralph Fiennes, an iconic movie character too. The design for Harry Potter‘s big bad is iconic, with his serpent-like features making him hard to even look at. But Voldemort wasn’t always this creepy.

Voldemort was born Tom Marvolo Riddle to a witch mother and muggle father. After becoming an orphan at an early age Tom realized he was different from the other children, and used his unusual gifts to hurt others. Just how different he was, was made apparent when he was visited by Dumbledore, who told him he was a wizard and he’d be attending Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry.

The young Tom is described as an attractive young man, tall and pale, with jet black hair and dark eyes who could easily charm people with his good looks and intelligence. Only Dumbledore was truly suspicious of Tom Riddle during those years as he played the model student and became House Prefect for Slytherin. We see this from the point-of-view of Tom himself in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets when Harry enters his diary and witnesses the events of the past, where he’s played by the handsome British actor, Christian Coulson, then aged 24-years-old.

Now, a full 20 years later, fans have found themselves equally ensnared by Tom’s good looks and are gushing over him on Reddit.

tom riddle in the chamber of secrets
Tom Riddle in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Many others jumped on board in full agreement with the OP, loving the passion they have for young hot Tom.

One user pointed out that Tom used his good looks to amass his following in the beginning.

Many on the thread felt that Coulson’s casting was perfect.

Though a little late to the community, this user was shook when she saw just how handsome the villain was in his youth.

A TikTok was shared which highlights just how handsome Riddle truly was.

It’s difficult to see why Tom gave up his rather useful good looks to break his soul apart and get a little more “snakey” but then perhaps it’s best not to fully understand the inner workings of a mass murdering psychopath with delusions of grandeur. Maybe a cute face wasn’t high on his list of priorities?

A few pointed out that Fiennes himself is easy on the eyes, with this person going so far as he’s hot even as Voldemort (though this is debatable).

As of the events of the books Tom’s good looks are gone for good, but that’s what ripping your soul apart does for you! Through the enacting of his violent and murderous ways, Tom’s true face appears as he transitions to Lord Voldemort, letting the world really know what lies within. It is such a shame though, what a waste of a cutie.