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‘How come I never find this heat in Goodwill?’: Thrift store customer discovers used journal listing woman’s relationship woes

"The fact that she abbreviated impatient tells me everything I need to know about those soulmates."

Screenshots via TikTok / @sheakens

How many times have you drifted through a thrift store in the hopes of finding something nifty and inexpensive, only to either leave empty-handed or having spent more than you intended? For those of us that applies to, apparently we all need to out check one lucky customer’s local Goodwill store, as they managed to find an absolute bargain that gave them an unexpected peak into a person’s (not so) private life.

One TikToker shared a video taken live from Goodwill in which they apparently found a used journal in the store’s book section. The notebook is filled with memos and other bits and pieces from its unknown previous owner, which start out innocent enough — recipes, shopping lists, ETC — before growing far more salacious. Concluding in an eye-opening list of pros and cons about the woman’s beautiful-eyed, B.O.-avoiding beau John.


All for only $1.99 😂

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So what do we know about John? Well, on top of his dreamy eyes and nice smell, he’s “funny,” “successful,” “great in bed,” and he even has an “awesome dad” (or maybe is an awesome dad, that’s unclear). He sounds like a catch, right? Well, unfortunately, the next page reveals that he has two major cons which might be deal-breakers to our neurotic note-taker. Number one, the guy has herpes. Although that may pale in comparison to his next crime: “can be impat.”

Sadly, we’ll never know if these two crazy kids made it work, although as one commenter noted, the fact the woman was too impatient to spell out “impatient” maybe tells us they belong together after all. And if you want to know the full story between John and Ms. Goodwill, this second-hand journal can be yours for just $1.99!

If you’re thinking two dollars is too much for a half-filled notebook, increasingly steep pricing is sadly becoming the norm for Goodwill shoppers nationwide, as it’s growing more common for thrift stores to charge as much or even more than the likes of Walmart and Target. But then would a Walmart or Target purchase allow you to find out about John’s sensitive soul and STI? No, no it wouldn’t.

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