How to use Snapchat’s sad face filter on TikTok

TikTok crying filter

A new viral TikTok feature is turning its uploads into accidental comedy, as people inject the sad face filter into what would be everyday videos.

The result is almost always amusing. The subjects of these videos are rarely aware of the filter, leaving them to giggle or chat their way past a face that appears to be sobbing hysterically. It’s comedy gold, and TikTokers are desperate to join in on the trend. Many are hitting a roadblock, however, as they discover that this popular TikTok feature isn’t a TikTok feature at all. It’s actually a Snapchat filter, one that is far less disturbing than TikTok’s own attempts to create a weeping face.

In order to pull off this TikTok filter, you’re going to need a Snapchat account. The exact version isn’t available on TikTok, but it’s easy to use the Snapchat filter to create your next TikTok sensation.

How to use the Snapchat filter on TikTok


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In order to upload your own crying face TikTok, you’ll need to begin the process on Snapchat. Simply head over to the app and pull up the array of available lenses, which are searchable via the “explore” option. Simply typing in “crying” should yield the amusing filter, which users can use to record a video of their own.

From there, simply save your masterpiece and flip back over to TikTok. You should be able to select the saved file from your gallery and add it to TikTok, where you can rack up views and likes on the #cryingfilter page. The page already has more than 77 million views, and many of its top videos have view counts in the hundreds of thousands. You’ll find plenty of competition among other users of the popular filter, but this feature never gets old.

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