Liver King leaked emails and steroid scandal, explained

Liver King
Image via Liver King TikTok

The nature of modern social media means it is easy to stumble upon a scandal mid-way through. One day, you’ll have never heard of someone or something, and the next, it will be all over your page, triggering massive debates.

Right now, many people are experiencing this with the Liver King scandal. A series of leaked emails has sparked controversy online, and this scandal is quickly escaping its usual audience, giving many people their first introduction to this person and their situation. 

Here is everything you need to know. 

Who is Liver King?

Liver King, also known by his real name Brian Johnson, is a social media influencer. He has 1.7M followers on Instagram, 217K subscribers on YouTube, and 3.5M Followers on TikTok. 

The self-declared “CEO of The Ancestral Lifestyle” is known for his body-builder-like physique. Liver King has attributed this physique to his special diet based on eating raw meat and organs. He also follows an intense workout regime and follows what he calls the “9 Ancestral tenets.”

Liver King has frequently insisted that his physique is all-natural and achieved without steroid use. And this is a major selling point for his line of supplements. 


PFT asks Liver King if he takes PEDs #fyp

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Even though some commentators, like infamous podcast host Joe Rogan, have argued against this, with Rogan famously saying:

“He’s got an ass filled with steroids, is what he’s got… that is not a natural body. That guy is shooting all kinds of shit into his system.”

What is the Liver King leaked email scandal?

Recently, More Plates More Dates, a website and related YouTube channel dedicated to self-improvement and bodybuilding, posted a video called: “The Liver King Lie.” 

As part of this video, More Plates More Dates shows a series of emails from 2021 that he says were sent by Liver King to a bodybuilding coach. In this email, he discusses his plans for the year and notes that he’s started taking Omnitrope, a prescription medicine that contains human growth hormone. He then lists several other performing-enhancing drugs he is taking at the time. In the other leaked emails, he asks about finding a supplier of other performance-enhancing substances. 

It should be noted that this isn’t the first video More Plates More Dates has made about the Liver King. And it has previously argued against the Liver King’s claims that he is all-natural. 

It should also be noted that Liver King has not responded to these allegations at the time of writing. And it is possible to fake or alter emails, meaning that until we get confirmation from one of the parties involved, we can’t be sure if these allegations are correct.