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Marvel fans have found a major flaw with the MCU’s ‘Young Avengers’

How do you do, fellow Young Avengers.

hawkeye kate bishop

Marvel fans are worried about a potential Young Avengers — but not because of the cast members, the plot, or the direction of the MCU Phase Four.

Reddit user omar_afx posted the current lineup of the potential Young Avengers team in the MCU on the official Marvel Studios subreddit. The team featured Kate Bishop from Hawkeye, Billy and Tommy from WandaVision, America Chavez from Doctor Strange 2, Cassie Lang from Ant-Man, and Elijah Bradley from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Funny enough, some of the characters mentioned were part of the original Young Avengers lineup from the comics, with a few characters not yet introduced in the MCU but were seen in the source material.

Some fans pointed out that some of the actresses will be way too old the moment by the time they come together as a team. At the same time, others pointed out that some of the cast members are far older than the characters they are meant to portray.

Others suggested that this lineup could work out if the characters are in their 20s rather than just playing as teenagers. And it could work as the writers don’t have to worry about using outdated slang.

It’s not just on Reddit either. Fans on Twitter have noticed the age difference between some of the characters with their fellow team members.

Others have pointed out a pattern within the current cast. The queer characters that are canon in the comics were aged down. Meanwhile, the straight team members are played by older actors.

It is not yet confirmed if the Young Avengers will come together during Phase 4 of the MCU. But with some of the original members from the comics appearing in different Marvel projects, it’s something to keep an eye out for.

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