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Marvel picks the perfect way to announce its presence on Threads

Marvel-loving Threads users, assemble!

Image via Marvel Comics

Marvel Entertainment has joined numerous brands in launching its Threads account, and it did not disappoint when it came to first impressions.

The official Marvel Threads account was launched on the same day as Threads. According to its official Instagram account, it came close to becoming the 500,000th member to sign up for Meta’s newest social media platform. Unlike other brands that used memes for their first impressions, Marvel made its presence known by using an iconic quote from its superhero franchise.

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This introduction likely outshined every other Marvel-related Threads account that made their first impressions upon launch. For example, Marvel Studios made itself known by using a Steve Rogers quote, yet it still hasn’t received the same traction as its parent company counterpart.

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Marvel also did an arguably better job with first impressions than DC. It’s superhero rival came in, claiming that it “brought the World’s Greatest Super Heroes.” Unfortunately, its opening statement didn’t have the same impact as Marvel.

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What’s remarkable about Marvel Entertainment’s opening line is that it’s somewhat in spirit with the source material. Brands have the opportunity to not be embarrassing on this new platform, and what Marvel did may have resonated with every social media manager out there.

Just like in the Spider-Man franchise, where every variant and iteration of the friendly-neighborhood superhero carries a significant responsibility, your first post should make an impact on your social media presence.

As of writing, over 70 million people have joined Threads. If you want to join this new social media platform, all you need is an Instagram account. It’s also important to know that deleting your Threads account will require deleting your Instagram account. At the same time, Threads will be collecting a lot of data if you plan to sign up – but nothing extremely out of the ordinary when compared to other Meta platforms.

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