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The best TikTok butter boards to try

A buttery bold choice for you next dinner.

Butter Board Tik Tok
Image Via Youtube / The Modern Nonna

If you thought this was about a charcuterie board, you are well mistaken. TikTok has made the flavourful decision of starting the next trend for the dinner table… even if it may be just a little on the unhealthy end of the milky spectrum. But after all, what’s better than savory goodness paired with the best possible toppings?

So what are butter boards? Well, imagine a charcuterie board with a thick layer of soft seasoned butter on a cheese board, with the intent to be served in communal dipping. If a board only has butter in it, it is hardly impressionable, so to pair up with delicious butter, add in some unique tasty toppings, and of course, a crumbly appetizer. In case this new trend to pair up with a bottle of wine during happy hour hasn’t made its way through your FYP, worry not. We have brought you the best possible butter boards to add a little flavor to your next hang session.

Sweet and salty apricot and goat cheese


My take on the viral #butterboard what would you put on yours?! IB: @Justine Doiron

♬ original sound – Michael Finch

If you’re a fan of mixing sweet and salty, the apricot and goat cheese board might just be the fanciest option to butter up your next guests. TikToker @michaelfinch filled the board with butter, obviously, but added in goat cheese and apricot jam on top, using sea salt and truffle oil with macadamia nuts for seasoning. The creator also added some edible flowers to create just the perfect instagram-worthy board, which is obviously optional.

Classic jam and butter


All I will say is @Justine Doiron you are an evil genius and my #butter loving heart thanks you. #butterboards #butterboard #salsamacha #recipes

♬ original sound – Nadia Aidi

If classic flavors are more of a thing in your household, jam and butter may just do the trick. There isn’t much more to this recipe than what meets the eye, and you’ll most likely find all the ingredients in your pantry. The creator of this board, @frederikkewaerens, spread the fruit jam of her choice into the butter, swirling it for aesthetic purposes, sprinkling a bit of salt and lemon zest to give it a little zesty kick. If you want to take it to the next step, add a drizzle of honey for extra sweetness.

Sweet, spicy, and everything nice-y


All I will say is @Justine Doiron you are an evil genius and my #butter loving heart thanks you. #butterboards #butterboard #salsamacha #recipes

♬ original sound – Nadia Aidi

TikToker @foodmymuse created the best board for any butter and crunchy lovers, using the best of both worlds: sweet and spicy. This version of a butter board is made out of very accessible ingredients, including Salsa Macha, honey, sea salt, lemon zest, and chives. This assortment of savory and sweet ingredients ensures that everyone eating it will feel the crunch, taking it to the next step.

Spice up your board


Make a butter board for your next gathering so easy and creative thanks for the inspo@Justine Doiron #charcuterieideas #butterboards #ketoapp #lowcarbsugarfree #RecycleUp

♬ Summer day – TimTaj

There is a little bit of everything on TikTok, including a butter board for spicy lovers. Created by TikToker @lowcarbnorma, the spicy butter board includes all of her favorite ingredients, with the spicy kick given by red pepper flakes and spicy chili oil. In case that seems a bit too bland, add in garlic, salt, lemon zest, thyme, chives, and, of course, a drizzle of honey. It will surely make any guest jump with excitement. After all, no heat, no eat.

Social media is quite possibly the best place to find unique and off-the-wall recipes, however, if you’re worried about clogged arteries, you might need to keep this one off your plans, but you will be missing out on the buttery goodness.

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