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‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ detractors pitch ways the film could have killed off Korg

Dislike for the character of Korg in 'Thor: Love and Thunder' seems to only grow as fans discuss how they would have offed him.

Taika Waititi as Korg
Image via Marvel Studios

It’s no secret that Thor: Love and Thunder is a film that has fans divided. The fourth installment of the Thor solo films took the humor from the extremely popular Thor: Ragnarok and ran with it, and then didn’t stop running. For many, the quirky and hilarious introduction of Korg, voiced by director Taika Waititi, turned a little sour in the recent Marvel film, with some fans being downright sick of him by the end. Now, fans are discussing how they would have killed him off and many say they would have done the job properly.

Thor: Ragnarok was a complete tonal shift for the character which was desperately needed, especially after Thor: The Dark World was one of the worst reviewed MCU films of all time. It also brought to everyone’s attention that Chris Hemsworth is a great comedic actor and really allowed the character of Thor to evolve. One thing fans also loved about the film was the introduction of the “perishable” rock creature, Korg, whose quippy one-liner jokes really added to the movie. But the laughter died down for many in Love and Thunder where the presence of the character became way too much to the point of being overbearing.

Another thing that the recent film suffered from was faking out a tonne of deaths, including Korg’s, which seemed to lessen the stakes a little. Now fans are wondering how they would have handled it differently, with some responses getting dark.

Some went into quite some detail as to how to build up to the character’s death in a way that would be impactful for Thor and the storyline moving forward.

This fan agrees, and that it would have actually been beneficial to the character of Zeus, shedding a more sinister light onto the King of the Gods.

One user wondered if poor Thor really has to be put through another loss, it seems that that is all that happens to the tragic hero.

Many showed their dislike of Korg believing the whole movie would have been better if he’d been permanently offed.

Quite a few believe the sentient rock should have perished at the hands of Gorr to lend more weight to the villain.

This user believes that his death would have created a real shift in tone, which Love and Thunder could have done with.

Not everybody hates the character, and some were happy to see him alive.

It’s unclear if we will see more of Korg going forward now he is settling down with his partner Dwayne, (excellent pun for a rock-based character). With Korg settling into the family way he may decide not to join Thor on any more adventures, and there are plenty of fans that will breathe a sigh of relief if that is the case.

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