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What happened to popularmmos? Where Patrick Julianelle is now, explained

All the details.

Screengrab via PopularMMOs on YouTube

PopularMMOs or Patrick Julianelle joined YouTube in early 2012. He spent the better part of a decade creating Minecraft content for his 17 million subscribers and eventually creating content with his girlfriend, GamingWithJen. She was originally a Roblox gaming creator, but the couple joined forces for more than five years to create joint gaming content.

The pair even released several children’s fiction books together, created joint content, and married in 2015. alongside couple and Minecraft content, Pat also created merchandise, life update videos, and a website.

Unfortunately, the pair posted a video in 2019 saying that they had broken up over differences concerning children and their future. Many of their followers were devastated by the breakup, though they continued to make content together for a little while following their split, including the release of several more books.

The breakup video received nearly 10 million views, and was posted several weeks after they had already made the decision to divorce. Commenters were understandably distraught and many questions were raised about the future of their business partnership and content.

Since the split both Patrick — who guys by Pat — and Jen have gotten remarried. Jen has since deleted her Instagram and stopped posting on YouTube in 2021, likely in favor of a more private life with her husband.

Pat began posting fitness content on his Instagram page and has continued to post gaming content on YouTube with his new girlfriend — now wife — for several years until stopping abruptly in 2021. The same year, they were both arrested for domestic battery and released on a bond. He later took to his now-deleted Twitter page to address his arrest and accusations.

In November of 2022, the 33-year-old was arrested again for attempting to run onto Jaguar’s football field during a game with two other men. He was charged with breach of peace by three or more persons and criminal conspiracy and served two days in jail. His last Instagram post was in appreciation of his wife, posted in early 2022.

Since then, it had become pretty evident that PopularMMOs has become a dead channel. Pat no longer has an Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube presence — although, fans still take to his Instagram and YouTube comments to speculate about his absence and even ask him to make a comeback to the gaming space. But there have yet to be any updates from Pat, Jen, or Pat’s wife.

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