What is the upside-down smiley face TikTok trend?

Upside down smile trend - TikTok

Awkward smiles are at the core of TikTok’s latest trend, elevating those of us with non-traditional smiles into the spotlight.

Dubbed the “upside-down smile” trend, the new TikTok fad doesn’t require any filters or editing, instead leaning into the simple, straightforward charm of each, and every, smile. Some users are struggling to find their perfect upside-down smiles, while others claim to have been rocking the upside-down smile for years.

What is the upside-down smile TikTok trend?

Departing from the props and filters of many TikTok trends, anyone can showcase their upside down smile with nothing but a mouth and a camera. Users are taking advantage of the trend’s unique simplicity, uploading heaps of brief videos using its related phrases and hashtags. Almost all of them are set to “Chạy ngay đi” by Sơn Tùng, a talented Vietnamese singer and songwriter. The audio has been used in more than 335,000 videos, the majority of which are trying their hand at the upside-down smile trend.

The trend simply sees users showcase that a downturned mouth can still be a smile. It requires smiling eyes, of course, in order to separate it from a genuine frown, but the trend is prompting a flurry of sweet videos to flood the platform. The majority of participating uploads are Vine-length, at less than 10 seconds long, and orient their focus around a range of creators’ mouths.

While some users appear to be discovering the trend for the first time, many are noting that they’ve always rocked an upside- down smile. They’re delighting in the sudden celebration of their unique smirk, and honoring their fellow upside-down smilers in the process.


where was this trend when i was told to “relearn how to smile” in middle school >:0 #upsidedownsmile #downwardsmile #fyp

♬ Chạy ngay đi _ Sơn Tùng MTP – dhn

As far as TikTok trends go, this one is pure charm. Flipping through the associated pages on TikTok will almost certainly prompt a smile of your own, as you enjoy the straightforward delight on each new creator’s face. Who can criticize a trend that’s all about smiling?