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2011 College Football Rankings

Check out the most up to date 2011 rankings for NCAA college football. We cover ranks 1 - 120, check it out.

120: Akron’s (1-11) only win came against a FCS team.

119: Indiana (1-11) is the only BCS team without any FBS wins.

118: New Mexico (1-11) has the nation’s worst offense with only 12 points per game.

117: Florida Atlantic’s (1-11) brand new stadium is finally complete.

116: Kansas (2-10) went winless in their conference and have the worst ranked defense in the country.

115: UNLV (2-10) gave New Mexico their only win and lost to Southern Utah of the FCS 14-16.

114: Idaho (2-10) rank at the bottom in all categories.

113: Memphis (2-10) can be a good team as long as they can be consistently on in both offense and defense.

112: Middle Tennessee (2-10) was a bowl team last year, but took a major dive this year.

111: Tulane (2-11) started the season at 2-1. Then they fell off the face of the Earth.

110: Ole Miss (2-10) fired head coach Houston Nutt after this season. Whoever thought it was a good idea to hire a football coach whose last name is Nutt?

109: Maryland (2-10) may stink but they look good.

108: Buffalo (3-9) beat a FCS team, Akron and Ohio. Which one doesn’t fit?

107: Colorado State (3-9) went 3-1 in September. Then the rest of the year came.

106: Troy (3-9) somehow went 3-9 with a decent quarterback. Their 291.3 passing yards per game is ranked 16th in the nation.

105: UAB (3-9) can’t win them all but they can beat their conference champion.

104: Central Michigan (3-9) is just like UAB plus a good quarterback.

103: Colorado (3-10) won in the most inconvenient time. Had they lost to Utah, Arizona State probably would’ve won against Cal.

102: Duke (3-9) had a decent September going 2-2. Then they went to Miami and beat FIU. Everything went downhill from there on out.

101: Minnesota (3-9) was so bad, their head coach had to be rushed to the hospital more than once.

100: Army (3-8) How in the hell could Army lead the country in rushing yards per game and only win three games?

99: Oregon State (3-9) can no longer be considered a good team after two bad seasons in a row.

98: New Mexico State (4-9) beat a BCS team. The only other WAC team that can say that is Hawaii.

97: Louisiana Monroe (4-8) is now the University of Louisiana’s weaker half.

96: Fresno State (4-9) is not what they used to be.

95: Rice (4-8) still taste better fried.

94: Miami OH (4-8) is still not as good as the real Miami.

93: Washington State (4-8) is slowing moving up the ladder.

92: Boston College (4-8) has two wins against bowl eligible teams, yet they went 4-8.

91: Arizona (4-8) will be so much better next year with Rich Rodriquez coaching. He is more of a spread guy and he will start year number one with the right guy for his system.

90: Navy (4-7) is fourth in the nation in rushing yards per game. Just like their win total.

89: San Jose State (5-7) allowed Idaho to ruin its season.

88: East Carolina (5-7) was an overtime thriller against Marshall away from bowling.

87: UTEP (5-7) got screwed out of bowl eligibility.

86: Central Florida (5-7) screwed UTEP out of bowl eligibility.

85: Bowling Green (5-7) needs to continue to build around their quarterback.

84: Kent State (5-7) had too slow of a start to the season.

83: North Texas (5-7) finally looks like they’re breaking out of their dark ages.

82: Texas Tech (5-7) got everyone’s attention when they were 5-2 coming off an upset at Oklahoma, then lost it all when they lost five straight.

81: South Florida (5-7) started the season 4-0. Then the Big East came.

80: Syracuse (5-7) is the Big East Version of Texas Tech.

79: UCONN (5-7) went from the Fiesta Bowl to no bowl.

78: Tennessee (5-7) got screwed out of bowl eligibility.

77: Kentucky (5-7) screwed Tennessee out of bowl eligibility.

76: Hawaii (6-7) doesn’t get to go to a bowl even though they have the same record as UCLA.

75: UCLA (6-7) is the only team going into a bowl with a losing record.

74: Eastern Michigan (6-6) never expected to finish .500 when they scheduled two FCS teams.

73: Ball State (6-6) doesn’t get to a bowl this year because life isn’t fair.

72: Illinois (6-6) somehow went 6-0 and 0-6 in the same season.

71: Ohio State (6-6) never expected to get a rematch with Florida like this.

70: Florida (6-6) never expected to get a rematch with Ohio State like this.

69: Arizona State (6-6) could have played in the Rose Bowl with a 11-2 record. Instead they lost their last four games to face Boise State in the Vegas Bowl.

68: Vanderbilt (6-6) is finally going to a bowl game!

67: Purdue (6-6) finally proves that they don’t need Drew Brees to get into a bowl game.

66: Northwestern (6-6) must make Mike Wilbon proud in the Texas Bowl.

65: Pittsburgh (6-6) wrestled a bowl bid away from Syracuse.

64: Wake Forest (6-6) had a fast start but a slow finish.

63: Miami (6-6) head coach Al Golden changed culture in Coral Gables and its symbol is a white dress shirt with an orange tie.

62: Iowa State (6-6) did the impossible to earn bowl eligibility.

61: Marshal (6-6) is slowly bringing the pride of the Herd back.

60: Texas A&M (6-6) fired their coach prematurely.

59: Mississippi State (6-6) took a step back this season but can still save it with a bowl win.

58: Western Kentucky (7-5) doesn’t get a bowl game because nobody likes Big Red.

57: Utah State (7-5) has a bright future with their freshman quarterback.

56: Nevada (7-5) failed to win consecutive WAC titles.

55: Western Michigan (7-5) will find out if third time is a charm against the B1G Ten in the Pizza Bowl.

54: Air Force (7-5) is second in the nation in rushing yards per game and they are bowl eligible because of having Army, Navy, and two FCS teams to beat up on.

53: SMU (7-5) will play in the Big East next year.

52: North Carolina (7-5) is still a basketball school.

51: Missouri (7-5) should do fine in the SEC.

50: Texas (7-5) is having a hard time replacing Colt McCoy.

49: North Carolina State (7-5) can have two victories against BCS conference champions with a win against Louisville in the Belk Bowl.

48: Iowa (7-5) should get a rematch with Iowa State in the Insight Bowl.

47: Louisville (7-5) finally won the Big East. Or at least a third of it.

46: California (7-5) found out that playing in a baseball stadium can be cool.

45: Utah (7-5) can handle playing in a BCS conference.

44: Washington (7-5) has come a long way since their winless 2008 campaign.

43: Auburn (7-5) turned out to be pretty solid without Cam Newton.

42: Louisiana Tech: (8-4) should be competing with Louisiana-Lafayette in the New Orleans Bowl.

41: Louisiana-Lafayette (8-4) should be competing with Louisiana Tech in the New Orleans Bowl.

40: Tulsa (8-4) beats bad teams but loses to good teams. Does that make them a good team?

39: Toledo (8-4) can play rocket man better than Captain Kirk.

38: Wyoming (8-4) is actually good now?

37: San Diego State (8-4) is the second best team in Southern California.

36: Virginia (8-4) is emerging as an ACC threat. They just have to score on their rival at least once.

35: Georgia Tech (8-4) can only get so far with the option.

34: Rutgers (8-4) is becoming a solid winner now. They have been quietly been doing this for about seven years.

33: Notre Dame (8-4) is starting to return to their glory days, But they are not there yet.

32: Temple (8-4) is a one back team. Bernard Pierce is the main reason why the Owls have been a force in the last three years.

31: Florida State (8-4) has to share Florida supremacy with a Sun Belt team that could probably beat them.

30: Florida International (8-4) is growing and quickly becoming a South Florida super power. They are already the best team in the state of Florida.

29: Cincinnati (9-3) rebounded from their down season last year.

28: Ohio (9-4) may be the best team in the State of Ohio.

27: Baylor (9-3) may have won their first Heisman.

26: BYU (9-3) did better than fellow independent Notre Dame.

25: Penn State (9-3) had their worst ever season off the field.

24: Nebraska (9-3) did a pretty good job in their B1G Ten debut.

23: Oklahoma (9-3) came up flat when it mattered most.

22: West Virginia (9-3) will play Clemson in the orange Bowl.

21: Northern Illinois (10-2) will battle Arkansas State in the best GoDaddy.com Bowl game ever.

20: Arkansas State (10-2) enjoyed a dream season but lost their coach in the process.

19: TCU (10-2) is ready for the Big 12.

18: South Carolina (10-2) could possibly be in the National Championship game if they had better quarterback play.

17: Georgia (10-3) gave LSU all they could handle, but didn’t have enough energy in the end.

16: Michigan State (10-3) got a taste of their own medicine in the B1G Championship Game.

15: Michigan (10-2) coach Brady Hoke deserves coach of the year.

14: Kansas State (10-2) got snubbed out of a BCS bowl game because they lost to the Oklahoma teams.

13: Arkansas (10-2) lost to the two best teams in the nation, yet can’t play in a BCS bowl game.

12: Clemson (10-3) finally earns the right to play in the Orange Bowl after a 30 year drought.

11: USC (10-2) is ready to reclaim their former glory! As long as Matt Barkley doesn’t leave for the NFL draft.

10: Boise State (11-1) once again loses their BCS bid because of a kick.

9: Southern Miss (11-2) is now the most hated team in the C-USA.

8: Virginia Tech (11-2) is like Jacksonville in 1999. They can beat anyone but one team.

7: Wisconsin (11-2) is one step closer from declaring the Russell Wilson experiment a success.

6: Stanford (11-1) has the best quarterback in the country, but will it be enough for Oklahoma State?

5: Oregon (11-2) can take pride in going to three straight BCS bowl games. Head coach Chip Kelly is 3 for 3 in BCS appearances and Pac-12 titles.

4: Houston (12-1) has the best scoring offense in the nation.

3: Alabama (11-1) has the best scoring defense in the nation.

2: Oklahoma State (11-1) should be playing LSU for the National Championship.

1: LSU (13-0) must beat Alabama to give college football a legit national champion.

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